A Happenin’ Saturday Night

Kelly and her girlfriends headed out for a night on the town last night, which left me ample time to catch up on chores. (I'm sure you'd have found me very sexy looking since I always do chores in a French maid outfit, fishnet stockings, and stilletto heels. JUST JOKING!)So I invited some of my girls best friends (the three Lyttle sisters - Bailey, Morgan, and Zoe) to hang out since adult supervision was on hand to keep things under control. As it turned out, Dylan had invited a couple of his friends over as well. So we had a crowded house with lots of fun stuff going on.Ever wonder what five … [Read more...]

A Day in Frisco

I had to travel to San Francisco on Sunday night so that I could be there bright and early for a Microsoft product launch that started first thing on Monday morning. (In case you didn't know, I'm an expert in database technology and Microsoft was launching the newest version of their database - SQL Server 2005.)The day started off with a big flashy presentation by Steve Balmer, the CEO of Microsoft. AC/DC music was blaring "For those about to rock". Flashy images were shooting across all of the screens and monitors. And he was ushered in by Cheap Trick - live and in person. (They were also … [Read more...]

What were you for Halloween?

Fall is my favorite time of year. And Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I guess that it's because the holiday is so close to my birthday. I can remember as a little 4- and 5-yr old kid that I cried a lot on halloween, mostly because my mom and grandmom would make me dress up in these embarrassingly bad homemade costumes.I guess that's the reason I now love self-deprecating costumes best of all these days. If it makes me look sillier or stupider than most of my friends, then that's the costume for me. My kids, however, love the silly costumers. What do you think? … [Read more...]

Just a quick posting that I got some quotes in the UK's biggest IT publication - Computer Weekly. The story is located at http://www.computerweekly.com/Articles/2005/11/01/212652/HasSQLServer2005beenworththewait.htm.-Kev … [Read more...]


Some favorite poetry

My all-time favorite poet is e. e. cummings. But here's one of my favorite poems by Robert Graves called "The naked and the nude"For me, the naked and the nude(By lexicographers construedAs synonyms that should expressThe same deficiency of dressOr shelter) stand as wide apartAs love from lies, or truth from art.Lovers without reproach will gazeOn bodies naked and ablaze;The Hippocratic eye will seeIn nakedness, anatomy;And naked shines the Goddess whenShe mounts her lion among men.The nude are bold, the nude are slyTo hold each treasonable eye.While draping by a showman's trickTheir … [Read more...]

‘Membrance Monday #2

We had a low key Halloween within the Zebra household. The two oldest kids went out to trick-or-treat with their friends while mom & the two youngest went out to trick-or-treat in our old neighborhood. The new neighborhood is great, but the houses are space very wide apart and their aren't nearly as many young kids around. That means the little ones would visit much fewer houses and fewer houses would have goodies to give out. At the end of the evening, I only had five, FIVE, trick-or-treaters. I was pretty shocked.Well, today is the day for rememberances of things joyful and fun. Here … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday to MeeeeeeEEeeeeee!

Yes - I'm another year older - 39. I can't believe it's gone so fast. I'm not worried much about coming up on 40 years of age. But it does really bug the heck outta me that I'm only 11 years away from 50. Jeesh!I was tired and jetlagged from my trip to London. But I was also delighted to be home with Kelly and the kids. If you compare the difference between fun and joy, you get a real sense for the difference between a nice trip out to London and a nice return home to my family. The trip to London was fun. But the return home to my family is the true joy of my life. Kelly went overboard and … [Read more...]

A Conclusion for the London Trip

It's time to return home and it's ABOUT TIME to return home. I really miss Kell and the kids and I can't wait to show them their gifts. Not only is it time to get home. It's time for me to celebrate my last birthday as a 30-something. I just cannot believe my thirties have gone by so quickly. The funny thing now is that I feel better now and feel healthier now than I did 10 years ago.London was great! West End theater was great. (I saw Ductastic.)The weather was better than anything the English had encountered since 1969. (Ah, a good year, eh Kell?) Working with my British colleagues was a … [Read more...]

A Night in London’s West End Theater District

The Quest sales offices in downtown London are quite nice. They're right at the intersection of Fleet Street and Farringdon Road right near Blackfriar's Bridge over the Thames River. The office is layed out a bit differently than our US offices. For example, the office is layed out in a bullpin format where there aren't any individual cubicles.I could see one of the spires from St Paul's cathedral out of our office windows. So when the first opportune moment came up - I was out the door looking for St Paul's. A quick jaunt up Ludgate Road and under the road through the Underground Station … [Read more...]

‘Membrance Monday

Mondays are blah days. Everybody who works has to go back to the grind. Everybody who stays at home has to get the kids up early and get them out the door. Even here in London it's a blah day. It's raining. It's cold. I forgot my umbrella and my coat. I'm an idiot! Blah!!!It's for that very reason that I chose to make Mondays a special day of remembrance, a day where I give thanks for joys and smiles. Here's a short list of just a few such things:"Mawwaige... Twue Wove...."Playing go fish with my little girls, Katie Jo and Anna LynnKender waking up in a good mood Dylan or Emily displaying … [Read more...]