‘Membrance Monday

Mondays are blah days. Everybody who works has to go back to the grind. Everybody who stays at home has to get the kids up early and get them out the door. Even here in London it’s a blah day. It’s raining. It’s cold. I forgot my umbrella and my coat. I’m an idiot! Blah!!!

It’s for that very reason that I chose to make Mondays a special day of remembrance, a day where I give thanks for joys and smiles. Here’s a short list of just a few such things:

“Mawwaige… Twue Wove….”
Playing go fish with my little girls, Katie Jo and Anna Lynn
Kender waking up in a good mood
Dylan or Emily displaying genuine and sincere thanks

Of course, I have no idea what color that test actually shows up as since I’m red/green color-blind. I hope it’s purty!

And now, a bit more poetry. I’m going to explain this other one just a tad bit more since I’d failed to explained the previous poem and everyone thought that poem, about kissing, was some kind’a pervert’o’gram. This one is about heartbreak, yearning, and the ups and downs of love:

Love in my heart is a new tide flowing
Where the starlike sea gulls soar;
The sun is high and the foam is roiling
High on the sandy shore.

But against my will the tide seems turning,
Lower the star gulls soar.
Are the waves that rose in resistless yearning
Broke now forevermore?


  1. Zebraman…you are such a poet…we didn’t think it was a perv-o-gram…we just interpreted it our own way which is perverted at times…(wink) Nice Monday Blog!

  2. I wish someone would send me a Perv-O-Gram…

    You people and your poetry! I couldn’t iambic your pentameter if my life depended on it!

  3. Y’know, I’m thinkin’ this group would appreciate perv-o-grams more than heartfelt poetry! That’s okay, Zeb, I appreciate it.

  4. For Jen … don’t want you to feel left out: Perv-O-Gram

    I love the HNT of your back
    You have such class
    I want a crack
    at your ass.

  5. Pam – Thanks! More potential perv-o-grams are probably in store.

    JY – A lot of people seem to be iambicing their pentameters while looking at your extremely Hot HNT pics! Whoops – that was quite pervy.

    Kender – You’re quite the poetess yourself. You should either post more of the stuff you’ve already written or make up some disposable stuff for your blog… and I’m thrilled to hear you appreciate my stuff.

    Dr Pineapple – LOL!!! You’re the poet lauriet of the Chickenshack!

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