Happy Birthday to MeeeeeeEEeeeeee!

Yes – I’m another year older – 39. I can’t believe it’s gone so fast. I’m not worried much about coming up on 40 years of age. But it does really bug the heck outta me that I’m only 11 years away from 50. Jeesh!

I was tired and jetlagged from my trip to London. But I was also delighted to be home with Kelly and the kids. If you compare the difference between fun and joy, you get a real sense for the difference between a nice trip out to London and a nice return home to my family. The trip to London was fun. But the return home to my family is the true joy of my life.

Kelly went overboard and surprised me with quite a few nice gifts. Yessir – no simple ties and socks goin’ on at Casa De Zebraman. Of course, the kids wouldn’t believe Kelly when she explained that one of my favorite guy toys are RC cars. She bought me an awesome RC over their loud protests. And what did I think of it? I loved it?

The other uber-cool gift was Sirius Satelite radio for my car. It’s awesome. If you spend much time in your car or, like me, you simply cannot stand commercials then you should seriously look into either XM or Sirius radio. They’re both very close in price and offerings. One thing to remember about satellite radio however is that your antenna must have an unblocked view of the sky. (‘Cuz dat’s where satelites live!) Any time that drive-thrus, parking garage roofs, or even big trees get in the way, your signal gets dropped. ‘Cept for that, it’s awesome!

Finally, one of the great joys of any gift giving occassion is to see what the youngsters do with your leftover boxes. Katie Jo made the best of the opportunity!

That’s the carcass of the RC racer box she’s wearing like a pair of old shorts.

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