Interviews & Press

Here are direct links to some interviews and notable quotes.  I’ve also included general bibliography of magazine articles (outside of my long-standing magazine columns) that I have authored, marked by an asterisk.

SSWUG Interview on SELECTViews, 16-Jun-2011; private after 30 days

Andy Leonard, SQL People, Personal Interview 14 – Feb 2011

Brendan Cournoyer, TechTarget, “Cloud efforts advance, SQL Server evolves.” 11-June-2010

Information Management Magazine, In-Memory Databases, 10-May-2010, Master Data Services could spur SQL Server 2008 R2 migrations, 6-April-2010

The Windows Server Notebook, SQL Azure and what it means to performance, 22-Feb-2010

RunAs Radio, Kevin Kline on the State of SQL Server and More, 13-Jan-2010

Dave Turpin, Database Professional Blog, entry from 10-Dec-2009

CS Techcast, CS Techcast 99: SQL Trends, 7-Dec-2009, Is SQL Server Virtualization on the Rise?, 30-Nov-2009

SQL Server Magazine, Kevin Kline Unplugged, 24-Nov-09

Database Journal, Final Keynotes of PASS Summit 2009, 06-Nov-09

Network World, SQL Server Strategies: Dear Diary – Day 3 at SQL PASS Summit 2009, 06-Nov-2009, DBA Career Paths Can Lead to BI, 02-Nov-09

SQLAgentMan (Tim Ford) Blog, I’ll Take Quizbowl for 600, 09-Oct-2009

SSWUG, Select Views with Steve Wynkoop, 02-Oct-2009, Number 148

SQLRockStar, Interview with Kevin Kline, 01-Oct-2009

The Rambling DBA (Jonathan Kehayias) Blog, Book Review: SQL in a Nutshell, 10-Sep-2009

Redmond Channel Partner, Partner’s Guide to SQL Server 2008, Rich Freeman, April 2009 (link TBD)

SQL Server Magazine, Virtualization with Kevin and Brent, 13-Mar-09

SSWUG, Select Views with Steve Wynkoop, 27-Feb-09, Number 123

SQL Server Magazine, Views from the Field: Expert Advice on Virtualizing SQL Server, 02-Feb-09

Data Management Journal, Interview About SQL in a Nutshell 3rd Edition, 04-Feb-09

WindowsDevPro Blog, Podcasts From SQL PASS: Parallel Computing and other Industry Trends, 04-Dec-08

Microsoft CSS Team Blog, How it works: SQLIOSim, 28-Nov-08, SQL PASS Industry Trends Roundtable with Quest Execs, 21-Nov-08

SQL Server Magazine­, SQL PASS 2008 Industry Trends Podcast with Quest, 21-Nov-08

Quest Software, Server Consolidation, 09-Jun-08

Visual Studio Magazine, Business Wire SQL Server Consolidation, 09-Jun-08

SQLDownUnder, Interview at SQLDownUnder, 07-Oct-07, Number 22

Visual Studio Magazine, Data Driver: Intellisense on Tap, 27-Sep-2007, Oracle and SQL Server: The Odd Couple, 27-Sep-07

SQL Server Magazine, Highlights of PASS Community Summit, 10-Sep-07, SQL Performance Tuning, 17-Aug-2004

There are lots more that I’ve done over the years, but I never thought I’d have my own website or want to document them.  If you run across any of my other interviews or notable quotes from me, please leave a comment here so that I can update the list.  Many thanks,