What were you for Halloween?

Fall is my favorite time of year. And Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I guess that it’s because the holiday is so close to my birthday. I can remember as a little 4- and 5-yr old kid that I cried a lot on halloween, mostly because my mom and grandmom would make me dress up in these embarrassingly bad homemade costumes.

I guess that’s the reason I now love self-deprecating costumes best of all these days. If it makes me look sillier or stupider than most of my friends, then that’s the costume for me. My kids, however, love the silly costumers. What do you think?


  1. Oh, how very sweet, King Zorg and his loyal princesses. What planet do you rule?!?

  2. I LOVE the bee suit! It’s so… you, actually. In a sweet, funny, goofy kinda way. If I haven’t told ya lately, I love the man you’ve become, Kev.

    Oh – And I was sick for Halloween. I wore pajamas and surrounded myself with tissue boxes.

  3. That’s the best post you could come up with in San Francisco? Tell that guy lying next to you to leave you alone so you can be creative. Give us something to work with!

  4. Just kidding Kev. I once surprised Sam and the kids when they came back from “trick or treating” when I was wearing a wig, her bathing suit and panty hose. … I wasn’t expecting them home so soon and I forgot it was Halloween!!!

  5. I love it. Such a sweet Daddy.

  6. I love a man who’s not afraid to be silly, especially for the enjoyment of his children. I just can’t believe we didn’t get to see you in that on Saturday!

  7. This is the FUNNIEST photo!

    That’s the same expression I had on my face when I came out of your “community” bathroom.

  8. Sam – I’m the king of the Zorganite Empire of Planet Zorgan, and those are my Princess. Don’t make me smite you!!!

    Siren – Sam & Don bought me the best PJs for a b-day gift. I’ve never had such a great set before. So sitting around in PJs sounds AWESOME right now.

    Don – the Frisco pictures are coming soon. Never fear. LOVED your dress-up story. LMAO!

    Hippy & JY – silliness is next to Godliness, I always say.

    Steve – yeah, our facial expressions were quite similar. Only you had a tent in your pants…

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