Speaking at Your User Group, Association, or Corporate Function

Kevin speaks many times per year on topics related to:

  • Trends and news analysis in the broader IT industry
  • Microsoft SQL Server features, techniques and best practices
  • Database platforms such as Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and DB2 UDB, as well as, the SQL programming language.
  • Professional development for IT professionals, including topics such as career management, developing soft skills, coaching, mentoring, etc.
  • Leadership and business strategy
  • Management and operations
  • Personal productivity

Here are abstract summaries to a number of Kevin’s sessions that you may enjoy at your local meeting (asterisks indicate that the material is new or refreshed for 2010):

Automation for SQL Server Databases ***

Bare Metal Tuning

Disaster at the Podium ***

Disk IO Tuning

DMVs for Tuning and Troubleshooting Full-Day Seminar

End-to-End Troubleshooting ***

High Performance DBA

Major Myths about SQL Server ***

PBBM (Performance Baselining, Benchmarking, and Monitoring)

Prepping for High Availability

Relational Database Design for Utter Newbies ***

Should I Virtualize SQL Server

SQL Server 2005 Overview

SQL Server 2008 Worth the Wait

SQL Server Internals & Architecture ***

SQL Server Troubleshooting, Parts 1 – 3 ***

Stored Procedure Best Practices ***

Surviving the Data Avalanche ***

Team Management Fundamentals ***

Technical Leadership Full-Day Seminar

Ten Things Every .NET Developer Should Know About SQL Server ***

The Ultimate Free SQL Server Toolkit

The Ultimate SQL Server Dev-DBA Toolkit

Time Management for IT Pro

Top 10 Mistakes on SQL Server ***

Translating Procedural Code Between Oracle and SQL Server

Tuning Queries with Indexing Strategies ***

Tuning Queries with Query Optimizer Strategies ***

Tuning with SET and DBCC

Tuning with Showplan

Understanding and Preventing SQL Injection Attacks ***

And these are only a portion of Kevin’s presentations!  New ones are added monthly.