A Conclusion for the London Trip

It’s time to return home and it’s ABOUT TIME to return home. I really miss Kell and the kids and I can’t wait to show them their gifts. Not only is it time to get home. It’s time for me to celebrate my last birthday as a 30-something. I just cannot believe my thirties have gone by so quickly. The funny thing now is that I feel better now and feel healthier now than I did 10 years ago.

London was great! West End theater was great. (I saw Ductastic.)

The weather was better than anything the English had encountered since 1969. (Ah, a good year, eh Kell?) Working with my British colleagues was a pleasure. The Brits do things differently, but it’s all good. I look forward to heading back to the London office in the future. This time I’ll have friends who are already in the office instead of having to meet people and make friends for the first time.

One thing that’s great about Britain in general and London in particular is that almost all of the cities have grown very organically over many centuries. Reading maps took me a bit of getting used to. I was constantly overestimating the distance on the maps. Here in the US, an inch or two on the map might be a couple miles because the city was built in a very planned fashion across many miles. In London, an inch or two on the map might only be three hundred yards. As it turns out, House of Parliament, Big Ben (aka “The Great Clock”), the Tate Museum, St Paul’s Cathedral, and the Eye of London were all in easy walking distance of our office.

London has been great, but I really truly can’t wait to be home with my loved ones.




  1. Wish I was there. I always wanted to see the batteries running that clock.


  2. Happy Birthday! I’m glad you’ve had a great trip.

  3. Tanx Hipster! The trip was all the better in the returning. :^)

    Steve – the batteries are about the same size as the ones powering Kell’s vibrator. :^)

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