Team Management Fundamentals

Considering a promotion into management? Sadly, many companies top out the pay grades of their best technologists, leaving you with no choice but to move into management if you want to see continued salary growth  But the skills that made you a successful technologist are not the skills you will need to be a successful manager.

This session will introduce you the most essential and fundamental skills needed to effectively lead a technology team. While management and business books could fill an entire wing of a good bookstore, this session covers the high points of what you need to be on your way.  Topics include building skills in motivation, conflict resolution, good communication and assessing progress for both team members and projects.  Attendees will also learn best practices for handling ricky scenarios, such as:

  1. How the members of that team focused and motivated
  2. How to resolve conflicts, address performance problems, and handle project and job misstep
  3. How to gain support for your ideas, earn upper management support, and communicate with top management
  4. How to deal with a problem boss or a difficult subordinate

You can spend a fortune earning an MBA or a lifetime reading the latest trendy book on management philosophy.  Why not get started by learning these time-tested and research-proven methods for managing technical teams?

Download it! Download the zipped slide deck HERE.

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