Title: Performance Baselining, Benchmarking, and Monitoring

Abstract: It’s impossible to truly tune a SQL Server without a good understanding of its performance profile and work load. This session describes techniques and procedures to assess the baseline performance profile of a SQL Server, benchmark the performance of the server under varying work loads, and how to continuously monitor the server for maximum availability and performance.   The session includes detail demos of how to use the native Microsoft tools to run baseline and benchmark tests. In addition to the main objectives, this session will help you:

  1. Learn how to set up baselines, benchmarks, and monitoring
  2. Understand the benefits and drawbacks of the two main approaches to monitoring
  3. Learn major PerfMon counters that are important for baselining, benchmarking, and monitoring
  4. Learn how to correlate results from PerfMon, SQL Profiler, and other tools to get a cohesive understanding of testing results

Audience: DBA, Developer

Level: 200

Track: DBA, AppDev

Prerequisites: Basic database administration skills and Windows Server OS management skills.

Will the presentation include live demos and what percentage? Yes, 25%
Will the presentation include real world examples?
No, AdventureWorks style examples
Was the presentation delivered before? Yes, a spotlight session at previous PASS events.  New demos added plus all new content for SQL Server 2005

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