Automation for SQL Server Databases

Level: 200

Abstract: Automation is the gatekeeper to scalable processes for SQL Server DBAs.  This session will teach you how to scale out the number of SQL Servers that you support and the sophistication of the processes that you manage.  By attending this session you will:

1.     Learn about important preventative maintenance routines and how to automate them.

2.     Discover the most common methods of automating SQL Server processes and routines.

3.     Review the most popular automation script libraries and resources so that you can reuse the clever work of other DBAs who have already automated their processes.

The tips and techniques you learn in this session will help you accomplish more work in the same amount of time, make fewer errors by eliminating the ad hoc processes using administrative GUI, and improve your Transact-SQL and PowerShell skills by learning from the well-written scripts of other professional DBAs.

Prerequisites: Intermediate administrative skills on Microsoft SQL Server.

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