A Happenin’ Saturday Night

Kelly and her girlfriends headed out for a night on the town last night, which left me ample time to catch up on chores. (I’m sure you’d have found me very sexy looking since I always do chores in a French maid outfit, fishnet stockings, and stilletto heels. JUST JOKING!)

So I invited some of my girls best friends (the three Lyttle sisters – Bailey, Morgan, and Zoe) to hang out since adult supervision was on hand to keep things under control. As it turned out, Dylan had invited a couple of his friends over as well. So we had a crowded house with lots of fun stuff going on.

Ever wonder what five hours of unadulterated laundry folding and sock matching looks like? Well, I can tell you! It looks like about 250 pairs of matched athletic socks and 2 dozen pairs of matched dark socks.

Plus, countless PJs, shorts, Disney Princess undies, camo t-shirts, towels, and so forth. Let’s play I-Spy. See if you can tell me where I was sitting in the picture to the left?

The scary part for me is that I haven’t even gotten to the 4′ tall stack of clothes that need to be hung up! That’ll take me an entire evening some time soon.

The major stumbling block for me to complete the chore, which in my mind means getting the clothes/socks into the right closer/drawer, is not knowing which one they go into. My two littlest girls, ages 4 and 6, are almost the same size. And Emily, who’s 12, is getting to be nearly as big as Kel. Thank goodness that Dylan’s clothes are so different from the girls. But he has about the same waste size as me (34). Still, I can tell our stuff apart but not so easily with the girls.

All the while that I was working on laundry, the older girls (Emily, Bailey, and Morgan) were painting up the little girls (Anna Lynn, Katie Jo, and Zoe) to look like zombies. Go team! Use up the last of that Halloween make-up! The spent a lot of the night haunting the corridors of the house and pretending to be princesses fighting the “darkness”.

KJ’s and Anna Lynn’s newest creative play time is stapling. They’ve discovered the joys of stapling and go through loads of junk paper, stapling them all together. It’s pretty funny to me, but I guess it builds important hand-eye coordination and prepares them for a future in the administrative assistant career path.

Anna Lynn, as you might expect, didn’t want to be a scary monster. Instead, she wanted to be a beautiful kitty cat. Her play is so imaginative. I just love to hear her discussing play with her friends. You’ll overhear her saying things like “…And pretend I was the princess who’s heart was broken because her daddy was taken over by the darkness…”

Fun stuff!

How do your kids play?



  1. Hey! Welcome to MY life!!!

    You forgot to mention, though, that the laundry is NE-vuh-END-ing!!!

  2. I DO love eavesdropping on them. Heath will want to play “Warehouse Warriors” (a construction competition show on DIY network) and Jill will want to play Strawberry Shortcake, so they will compromise and play Strawberry Shortcake competes on Warehouse Warriors. That Strawberry is might handy with an impact driver…

  3. Kel – That laundry IS never-ending. And a big part of it is Emily alone. At least we kicked the a$$ of the laundry monster together this weekend. :^)

    JY – That is a funny story on its own! You should blog something like that sometime.


  4. I wanna see the French Maid Costume. But I’m just weird like that.

    I think it’s time to give Dylan and Emmy their own laundry day.

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