Relational Database Design for Utter Newbies

Title: Relational Database Design for Utter Newbies

Level: 100

Abstract: Designing a database isn’t hard work.  But investing a little time and effort early will yield big benefits by providing a database that is self-documenting, easy to maintain and alter, and provides high-quality data to its users.

This session will use extensive examples and a real-world use-case to teach you:

  • How to approach a new database design project
  • How to normalize a relational database up to Third Normal Form (3NF)
  • How to read an Entity-Relationship Diagram (ERD) or create your own
  • How to transform a design into a real database

This is a great session for developers who’ve never undertaken a database design project themselves, administrators who focus on operations, and for other IT professionals who are interested in databases.

Prerequisites: General experience with the ANSI SQL statements

Goal 1: Understand the benefits of the relational database design method.

Goal 2: Learn how to take an unnormalized table to third normal form.

Goal 3: How to read and create Entity-Relationship Diagrams.

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