The Ultimate Free SQL Server Toolkit

Title: The Ultimate Free SQL Server Toolkit

Level: 200

Abstract: Free and useful tools have proliferated since Microsoft launched the CodePlex website.  Join Kevin Kline, author of the SQL Server Magazine column “Tool Time”, as he profiles the very best of the free tools covered in his monthly magazine column – more than a dozen free tools and utilities! We will cover tools which:

– Track database growth

– Implement logging in SSIS jobsteps

– Stress test your database applications

– Automate important preventative maintenance tasks

– Automate maintenance tasks for Analysis Services

– Help protect against SQL Injection attacks

– Graphically manage Extended Events

– Utilize PowerShell scripts to ease administration

And much more.  These tools are all free and independently supported by SQL Server enthusiasts around the world..

Prerequisites: Basic understanding of SQL Server Management Studio.

Session Goals 1 – Learn about CodePlex and other useful on-line tool/script repositories for the SQL Server professional.

Session Goals 2 – Understand gaps in the native tools, like SQL Server Management Studio and SQL Profiler, that you can fill with a free tools that are independently created and supported by SQL Server enthusiasts.

Session Goals 3 – Review a wide variety of tools which will improve your efficiency and effectiveness as a SQL Server professional.

Download it! Grab the session slides at SlideShare.Net.