A Night in London’s West End Theater District

The Quest sales offices in downtown London are quite nice. They’re right at the intersection of Fleet Street and Farringdon Road right near Blackfriar’s Bridge over the Thames River. The office is layed out a bit differently than our US offices. For example, the office is layed out in a bullpin format where there aren’t any individual cubicles.

I could see one of the spires from St Paul’s cathedral out of our office windows. So when the first opportune moment came up – I was out the door looking for St Paul’s. A quick jaunt up Ludgate Road and under the road through the Underground Station (there was no cross-walk) led me to my goal. (No, not Hooters Restaurant!)

St Paul’s charges about $16 admission (8 pounds at the current exchange rate). So I only went into the lobby area. Plus, I’d seen it in the past and just wanted a reminder of how lovely it really is. I just love cathedrals, the amazing way that they lift up your eyes to heaven, and the beautiful interplay of the sunlight pouring through the stained glass windows onto the tiled four.

Once my meetings finished up in the afternoon, I headed back to the hotel to drop of my office gear. I then headed back out the door, into a cab, then down to West End by Covent Garden. They’re very happenin’ areas and, while most of London is kind’a sleepy after 9:00 pm, these areas are totally hoppin’ well past 12:30 am when I finally headed home.

The show I went to see was a comedy called “Ductastic”. (See details at http://www.londontheatrebookings.com/ducktastic.htm.) It was funny, very silly, and rather lewd at a couple points. Yes – it was just my speed. In one of those “ain’t it a small world?” moments, the older couple sitting next to me happened to have lived and worked in Nashville for 12 years back in the mid-90’s. So we went out for a chat and drinks after the show.

For some reason, my pics aren’t posting. But I’ll go ahead and publish the blog entry and then try to add them later.

All me best,



  1. wow! I just read the page about the play, and I’m completely shocked that an asshat like Mickey Rourke could have such a talented son! I love that Fatboy Slim video.

  2. I am living vicariously through you right now. Maybe sometime you & Kel and Tim & me can take a trip to London and we can take them to the theater? A girl can dream, can’t she?

  3. I’m thinking about going to the Lincoln Theatre in Fayetteville this weekend. It may not be quite the same but admission is only $5.
    Its named in memory of Lincoln’s assasination. Old memories die hard here.

    iffedoi — “If he’d do it so would I”

  4. Don, ouch. I love you, Babe, but… ouch.

  5. Damn. I need a beer.

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