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Hi friends,

If you’ve attended one of my full-day seminars, then you’re probably interested in getting the slides and demo scripts.  Much of the associated content is in PowerPoint format.  If you do not have Microsoft PowerPoint, you can get the free viewer at the Microsoft Download Center.

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I’d especially appreciate that you take the time to download a trial from my company, SentryOne.  Among our outstanding monitoring and event management tools, we also offer the renowned and free query tuning tool Plan Explorer.

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I’m sharing this page with you either because I’ve met you personally or because you’ve attended one of my full-day seminars.  This page is not publicized, so please do not share it with others. I usually charge for this content since it’s a major component of my full-day seminars.  Enjoy it and use it to the fullest, but please don’t give it away. If you use the slides or T-SQL scripts, please include attribution.

Please leave a comment if you enjoyed the session.  I appreciate any and all constructive criticism.


KEKline, 50 Things All SQL Developers Need to Know (updated 22-Sep-2017)

KEKline, Leadership Skills for IT Pros

KEKline, Posters

KEKline, Real World Application Design

KEKline, Real World Configuration

KEKline, Troubleshooting and Performance Tuning (updated 14-May-2016)

KEKline, T-SQL Scripts (updated 14-May-2016)

Let me know what you think. Many thanks!