Jetlag Suuuucks!

It's 7:00 am here. But it feels like 1:00 am! I HATE JETLAG!!! … [Read more...]

London-town, turn me around

It's almost noon back home in Tennesse, but it's almost 6:00 pm in London.I'm happy to report that my flight(s) were very uneventful, with the sole exception that my connection from Nashville to London was too short. So I was huffin' it through O'Hare at top speed. I was about three gates away when I heard the last call for me and one other passanger over the PA system. Whew! I just barely made it and would've missed it if I hadn't run from the G gates to the K gates - that's the entire length of the freakin' airport.I was also pleased to see they had some decent films on the flight overseas. … [Read more...]

I wasn’t going to show this, but…

... my trips to the gym have really been paying off! This was just a couple weeks ago in the summer. We'd gone with almost the entire BASICS Sunday School class to Panama City Beach. My gosh, that was so much fun. I'd never vacationed with friends before. It is so nice to have other kids for yours to play with. It was also great to spend time with our extended church family. We had lots of fun on the beach, in the pool, playing cards up in the condos, and at our big group meals. Now, I want to especially point out that beach vacations are not the ideal for me. I burn so frequently and so … [Read more...]

Remind me how…

Kelly can read this, but the rest of y'all just ignore this (especially you, Don!)=-=-=-=remind me how you like it bestinheated rush or bated breathgently brushed across the liporwide-mouthed crushing liquid flowwrestling tight arms entwinedorloosely clutched hips duotaste and smell a kiss bequestwhen youremind me how you like it best … [Read more...]

Introducing Zebra-man

I got the nickname "Zebra-man" about nine years ago entirely by accident. It was an early Saturday morning in the summer time and my then five year old son (Dylan) and two-and-a-half year old daughter (Emily) were wrestling and tickling in bed. We were having a big time when our domestic goddess and my wife called us in to a fantastic country breakfast. (You can read my wife's awesome blog at We all jumped up and ran into the kitchen for fried eggs with bacon, biscuits, and gravy when my son asked "Daddy, why are you wearing those zebra undies?" I looked … [Read more...]