Bare Metal Tuning

Title: Bare Metal Tuning for SQL Server

Level: 100

Abstract: Choosing and configuring the bare metal server, CPU, memory, networking, and hard disks for a major SQL Server installation can be daunting, especially if you’ve never done it before.���������������������������� This session will teach how to tune the ‘bare metal’ for a highly scalable, multi-user, high performance application running on SQL Server.  This session will answer questions like:

–       How do I configure my hard disks?  Do I need RAID?  If so, what kind is best for my application?

–       What sort of networking configuration is best for my application?

–       How much memory do I need?  What’s involved in configure many gigabytes of RAM for SQL Server?

–       How do I deal with the new hyperthreading CPUs?  How do they impact performance?

–       What server platforms are best for my SQL Server application?

-��      What version of the OS and SQL Server should I install?

Setting up hardware can be very intimidating, especially when the application needs to scale. Learning the tips and techniques described in this session will help you avoid costly mistakes and serve as the foundation for the long-term success of your SQL Server environment.

Prerequisites: Basic understanding of hardware and Windows 2000 server OS concepts

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