DBTA: Growing Like Weeds – Explosive SQL Server Grassroots Growth

One thing I really enjoy about the SQL Server community is its vibrancy.  I'll give you details on the SQL Server community's explosive growth in a moment, but let's start by comparing Microsoft SQL Server's user community with those of other significant database platforms. [READ MORE] Posted May 10, 2010 … [Read more...]

Video: Microsoft Master Certification Program

On this vblog entry on www.sqlserverpedia.com I describe and discuss the Microsfot MCP (Master Certification Program). I hope this helps anyone that is interested in this program. Enjoy and I look forward to your feedback! Posted September 09, 2008. … [Read more...]

SQLRally Precon Voting

I have submitted a pre-conference session to present  at the PASS SQLRally, May 11, 2011 in Orlando, FL. My session is entitled Leadership and Team Management Skills for the Database Professional. If you've ever attended my 1-hr professional development session at the PASS Summit, which has scored highest in the professional development track, then you've seen a preview of what we'll be covering over the course of the full day. During the session I will discuss how most IT leaders earned their promotions based on technical competency, not on leadership or managerial skills. Technical … [Read more...]

Visual Studio 2010 – Special Edition

I wanted to pass along this great info from Microsoft.  There are literally oodles of free resources for Visual Studio programmers. In their own words... Take Visual Studio for a Test Drive Take this powerful tool and its features for a spin by downloading a full Visual Studio 2010 trial version. Discover how Visual Studio 2010 Professional helps individual developers build, test, debug software solutions. http://clk.atdmt.com/MRT/go/206383954/direct/01/ Attend an Event Find out how you can ride the next wave of innovation ushered in by Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. Choose from full day, … [Read more...]

See You in St Louis, and then London, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Stockholm, and York, UK

Good grief, there's a lot of travel in my immediate future.  <sigh ... deep breath> It'll be exhausting and it'll be hard to lose so much time with the family.  But if I'm able to avoid travel mishaps, it'll be fun. Meet Me In St. Louis I'll be speaking in St. Louis, MO on Tuesday, September 14th for their mid-day meeting.  The details, as I have them, are: Tuesday, September 14, 2010 1-4pm Location: Microsoft St. Louis Office, Three City Place Drive, Suite 1100, St. Louis, MO … [Read more...]

Free Poster – SQL Server PerfMon Counters

You Needs It! You Wants It! We all know how hard troubleshooting SQL Server can be.  There are tools and techniques that can make troubleshooting much easier, such as the Windows System Monitor. The only problem with SysMon, or more commonly "PerfMon", is that it takes a lot of knowledge and experience to know which objects and counters to examine. I've put together a nice poster for you covering all of the important PerfMon counters for SQL Server troubleshooting, with a little help from some of my friends: Brent Ozar, Bob Ward, Christian Bolton, and Raoul Illyes. You Can Has It Fer … [Read more...]

Free Software for Unemployed Developers

Each month, for six months, Arnie Rowland will  be giving away a package of software, books, training, and development tools, valued at over $15,000, to an unemployed or underemployed developer that takes on a software project of his/her choice with a non-profit. "The idea is to provide the recipient access to all of the tools needed to improve his/her skills, an opportunity to gain practical experience, the potential to earn a recommendation and/or referral –and to positively contribute to society as a form of 'give-back'. No free lunch, just sweat equity –the kind that makes us all feel … [Read more...]

Presentation: SQL Server for Oracle DBAs

Back in late May, my pal Buck Woody (blog | twitter) and I presented SQL Server for the Oracle DBA.  Buck played Jerry Lewis' role, while I played the straight man a la Dean Martin.  You can see the recording and slide deck here.  Since both Buck and I spent a considerable number of years working on Oracle, we felt like we had pretty good legs to stand on doing this presentation.  Here's the abstract: In enterprise IT, database professionals face a mixed-bag of platforms within their environments -- and the overlapping duties that go along with them. Whether you like it or not, you get … [Read more...]

Windows Azure Boot Camp

I'm sorry that I got this out a bit late, but there are still a city or two where you can join in on these great free, 1-day classes on Windows Azure provided by Neudesic.   Atlanta, for example, is set for July 28th. You'll get a deep dive program that will prepare you to deliver solutions on the Windows Azure Platform. The region's best Azure experts will teach you how to work in the cloud through training, discussion, review of real scenarios, and hands on labs. Snacks and drinks will be provided; however, you're advised to bring an extension cord and to you to make your own lunch … [Read more...]

Two Free Training Webcasts Open for Registration

We've got two sessions that you (the "we" meaning the fine folks at Quest Software) need to sign up for right away.  The upcoming webcast for Oracle-oriented folks has huge registration numbers.  And I'm sure you'll learn more than you expected thanks to my fine co-presenters.  Get in while you still can before we hit the limit of what LiveMeeting can handle! Pain of the Week: SQL Server for the Oracle DBA Webcast: SQL Server for the Oracle DBA Date: Thursday, May 27, 2010 (Just a couple days hence!) Time: 8 a.m. Pacific / 11 a.m. Eastern / 4 p.m. United Kingdom / 5 p.m. Central … [Read more...]