See You in St Louis, and then London, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Stockholm, and York, UK

Good grief, there’s a lot of travel in my immediate future.  <sigh … deep breath> It’ll be exhausting and it’ll be hard to lose so much time with the family.  But if I’m able to avoid travel mishaps, it’ll be fun.

The Gateway to the West

Meet Me In St. Louis

I’ll be speaking in St. Louis, MO on Tuesday, September 14th for their mid-day meeting.  The details, as I have them, are:

Tuesday, September 14, 2010 1-4pm
Location: Microsoft St. Louis Office, Three City Place Drive, Suite 1100, St. Louis, MO 63141
Parking is in the garage behind / next to the building. There is an entrance to the building from the 2nd floor in the garage.
Additional details and instructions on how to log in
Speaker: Kevin Kline, Quest Software
Topic: SQL Server Internals and Architecture
Speaker: Kevin Kline, Quest Software
Topic: SQL Statement Tuning with Query Optimizer Strategies

I’ll be giving away free t-shirts, posters, an eBook or three, and backrubs (super-models, only).

SQL Bits, On the Cheap

SQL Bits in the City of York Minster Cathedral

I’ve tweeted previously about the SQL Bits conference in York on September 30th – October 2nd, but this is my first blog post about it.  Now is the time to settle your plans to attend.  And while you’re settling those plans, take advantage of Quest Software’s 20% discount on the Thursday and Friday sessions requiring payment.  Just be sure to use the code QST20 when you register.

The Saturday is free for everyone.  Note – I said FREE.  So if you’re struggling to convince your boss of the value of the time off and cost required to attend these events, then at least plan to attend Saturday.  But as you can see here, the prices are quite low compared to most other conferences of similar quality.

I firmly believe the standard for speakers and content at SQLBits is second to none in the UK.  I’ll be a wallflower in comparison to other friends of mine also speaking at the event, such as Brent Ozar, a MCM SQL Server and former colleague now working with SQLSkills, Buck Woody, the well-known “Real World DBA” and senior technical specialist from Microsoft, as well as many other SQL Server MVPs, authors, and speakers, such as the event organizer, Simon Sabin, and Quest Software SQL Server expert and editor-in-chief of SQLServerPedia, Iain Kick.  Some sessions I’m looking forward to include:

  • Monitoring and Tuning Parallel Query Execution – Part II – R Meyyappan
  • Where the bl**dy h*** are you? (Spatial Data Visualisation)  – Rob Farley (all the way from Adelaide, Australia)
  • Introduction to Performance Analysis and Tuning – Simon Sabin
  • Oracle for SQL Server DBAs – Gavin Payne
  • Lies, Damned Lies And Statistics. Making The Most Out of SQL Server Statistics – Maciej Pilecki
  • Extreme scaling with SQL Azure – Martin Schmidt
  • Automating SSIS – Andre Kamman

Attendance will definitely enhance your skills and ability to do your job. The added bonus is that York is a lovely place to visit with a beautiful and storied cathedral, so I highly recommend the event for all SQL Server professionals.

Prior to SQLBits, I’ll be presenting in London, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, and Stockholm.  I hope you can attend an event closer to you if you cannot make it to York!

And Just to Make Sure I’m Thoroughly Frozen…

I prefer to think that the city will look like this with nary a flake of snow in sight

While I usually have a policy against visiting places cold enough to die between the front door and the mailbox, I’ll be stopping in at SQL Saturday 58 in Minnesota for a SQL Saturday taking place on Friday (not a typo), October 29th, the day after my birthday.  I’ll be 21 years old and, since I’m now of legal drinking age, you should by me a drink.  The event organizer, as well as my friend and fellow MVP, Jason Strate, just has to be different by holding the event on a Friday, eh? Track the event on twitter using the hash tag #sqlsat58.

Read all the details here and register asap!

Once finished in Minnesota, I’ll barely get a breather in before heading right back out for the big PASS 2010 Summit in Seattle from Nov 8 -11.

Hope to see you at one of these events soon!

Best regards,


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  1. Any info on the presentation in London, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, and Stockholm, or are those invitation only?

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