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I have submitted a pre-conference session to present  at the PASS SQLRally, May 11, 2011 in Orlando, FL.

My session is entitled Leadership and Team Management Skills for the Database Professional. If you’ve ever attended my 1-hr professional development session at the PASS Summit, which has scored highest in the professional development track, then you’ve seen a preview of what we’ll be covering over the course of the full day.

During the session I will discuss how most IT leaders earned their promotions based on technical competency, not on leadership or managerial skills. Technical leaders rarely advance into leadership positions with the complex mix of social and soft skills that best facilitate their success and the success of their teams. Successful IT leaders require a combination of:

  • Earning the respect of your team
  • A deep understand of effectively motivating technology professionals
  • Specific skills to lead database professionals competently that broadly fall into the categories of:
    • Coaching team members to effectively meet goals and deadlines
    • Facilitating change and navigating organizational disruptions
    • Promoting communication within the team and with management
    • Keeping teams and projects on task and within scope
    • Dealing with difficult team members
    • Practicing good team time management techniques

I have three main goals for the session.

1.Developing skills which promote an understanding of your own personal motivations and what motivates the IT professionals on your team.

2. Developing skills which enable you and your team to meet goals set by management.

3. Developing the specific skills needed to lead a team of technologists.

I would appreciate your vote  here.

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