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My Biotronics pacemaker keeps my heart rhythm healthy, so I set it to Bassa Nova. … [Read more...]

Plays Well With Others – Influence versus Authority

You’ve probably found that the prefix “lead” is a fairly common occurrence in the technology world.  We have “lead developers”, “lead DBAs”, “lead architects”, and “lead consultants”.  Yet, we don’t have “lead managers”, “lead directors”, or “lead VPs”.  Why is that? Well, there are probably a number of different reasons for having “lead” technologist titles depending on who you ask.  For example, the HR department might say that adding “lead” to a technologist’s title justifies the better salary that the company had to pay to acquire that specific talent.  The IT department chiefs might … [Read more...]

...And what the heck is a "low-friction API"? I haven't heard too many developers complain about chafing. sqlpass … [Read more...]

TN Summit 2010 – Surviving the Data Avalanche

Here's the link to my revamped presentation on Surviving the Data Avalanche The Abstract for this presentation is here. The slides for this presentation are here. … [Read more...]

DBTA: Security as an Afterthought

If you've read the IT press at all these days, you know that SQL Injection (SI) attacks are very common and can be devastatingly effective. In fact, SI attacks-equally easy to execute against Oracle, MySQL, IBM DB2, or Microsoft SQL Server-are among the most common hacks on the Internet today. If a web application runs a relational database on the backend, it can be subject to an SI attack, which ironically, is among the easiest web hacks to prevent. [READ MORE] … [Read more...]

Plays Well With Others – Metrics to the Max!

November 2009 would have been the 100th birthday of famed management guru, Peter Drucker, were he alive today.  Now for those of you who don’t know the name, Peter Drucker was no mere guru or simple pundit.  He was in fact the father of management and universally acclaimed as the world’s greatest management thinker.  Anyone who’s taken a business class, studied for an MBA, or had to deal with an IT project to build a management dashboard has been touched by Peter Drucker.  If you have a spare moment, add Drucker’s Concept of the Corporation to your library. Drucker came upon the scene at a … [Read more...]

Pirates of PASS: Curse of the Elections Process

Cross posted from Jorge Segarra's blog The last few weeks we’ve watched the drama unfold in regards to the PASS BOD elections. We’ve seen people attack criticize the NomCom, the board, PASS itself, the process and the decision of feeding of Gremlins after midnight. Thankfully the fireworks have died down and we can take a look at everything that has happened and make strides to move forward in a positive (and more importantly) constructive manner. Given that, I’ve been asked by my good friend Kevin Kline (Blog | Twitter) to respond to the following: Many in the community seem to think … [Read more...]

Carol McGury Speaks Out on Not-For-Profit Governance

I'd asked my friend and a form ED of PASS to add her thoughts about the governance process for not-for-profit organizations.  Carol is one of the industry's top professionals, serving as the chief operating officer for many years at some of the largest IT and non-IT professional associations.  I always look forward to her insight.  She writes... As an Executive Director for another user group community, I can offer up a few thoughts as it relates to Nominating Committee best practices. I’ve been working with technology and various vendors for over 20 years, and I’ve seen the community … [Read more...]

Cool Green Technology

Every little bit helps when it comes to alternative energy.  Experts are telling us that most alternative energy sources can, by themselves, replace only around 10% of our current carbon-based energy sources.  That means we need to do several different things, each providing 8% to 10% of our power needs, which will produce a sizable replacement of fossil fuels in aggregate.  This is a cool technology for apartment dwellers in big cities.  I could see this going down well in Vancouver, BC where every high-rise seems to be bristling with balconies.The details on the technology are located at … [Read more...]

Video: SQL Performance Optimization

Gain insight into best practices for SQL Server optimization and ways to alleviate many root causes that can impact performance of your SQL Server database. Kevin also will discuss how to manage for planned and unplanned changes, speed time to implementation of your applications and ensure that your databases are running as they should. You will learn how to: * Identify the root cause of bottlenecks that hinder performance of your SQL Server environment * Diagnose and fix T-SQL errors in development before code goes into production * Learn new best practices for project planning and … [Read more...]