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Join me and Allan Hirt for an in-depth demo of SQL Server high availability technologies in just 20 minutes! … [Read more...]

Video: SQL Server Disk Optimization

Since the release of SQL Server 2005, companies have been investing heavily in SQL Server for their business-critical applications. DBAs are now challenged with supporting ever-growing datasets and making efficient use of allocated disk space in both production and enterprise storage environments. Yet DBAs seldom have a clear picture of their data storage and therefore cannot determine whether they are getting a worthwhile return on their storage investment or if an out-of-disk situation is looming. In this presentation, Kevin will address these challenges and explore methodologies to help … [Read more...]

Join me in a webcast on indexing strategies for better queries, today at 1:00 pm central: … [Read more...]

DBTA: The Ebb and Flow of SQL Server Instrumentation

Microsoft SQL Server's relational engine has offered new instrumentation that improves by light years with each new release.  The introduction of Dynamic Management Views (DMVs) in SQL Server 2005 provided a much-needed equivalent to Oracle's long-standing and capable V$ and X$ system views.  SQL Server 2008 has provided another dramatic improvement to its instrumentation with Extended Events (also known as XEvents) that promises to offer even greater opportunities to tune, trace and troubleshoot the inner workings of a SQL Server application.  All of this stands in stark contrast with the … [Read more...]

Video: Maximize SQL Server Performance with SQL Tuning

This presentation is a bit old, but largely still applicable.  It will help you understand Microsoft tuning techniques. It will teach tips and tricks for making queries perform better, and how to use tools to tune SQL. Posted March 27, 2007. … [Read more...]

DBTA:A Look at Upcoming Enhancements in SQL Server 2008 R2

At a rather muted Microsoft TechEd in Los Angeles in May, the crowds were diminished and the educational content was slimmed down. In the past, SQL Server sessions were so abundant that you'd have trouble choosing which of several you might want to attend. This year, the state of the economy was reflected in many ways, including the one, or, in just a few cases, two sessions per time slot allotted SQL Server professionals. Despite the low ebb, the Microsoft SQL Server team made an exciting announcement about the upcoming availability of the SQL Server 2008 R2 CTP (Community Technology … [Read more...]

I want to build an FAQ. What's your recommendation? Just a web page? Or is there some good specialized software? … [Read more...]

Plays Well With Others – Acing the Interview

In the past few columns, we’ve talked about how to conduct an interview and, dreadfully, how to dismiss a member of your team.  I this post I would like to discuss the whole process from the candidate’s point of view.  For the job candidate, an interview is your opportunity to showcase your talents and the strengths that you bring to an organization.  It’s also your opportunity to demonstrate the unique talents you, as a potential team member, offer.  Never forget that interviews are a form of competition, so each and every advantageous characteristic you can demonstrate to your potential … [Read more...]

Plays Well With Others – The “Unhiring” Process

It’s not a pleasant topic to discuss.  There are typically two general scenarios for involuntary separation – layoffs and termination.  Layoffs entail a general reduction in work force due to a need to reduce expenses.  Layoffs usually imply that those it affects were dismissed through no fault of their own and that they were otherwise good employees.  Termination, on the other hand, indicates that the employee had failed to meet the expectations of the job and was otherwise incompatible with the needs of the employer.  This is such an unpleasant topic that people manufacture lots of words to … [Read more...]

Video: Interview – Part 4 SQL Server Community

Heather Eichman interviews Kevin Kline, the former President of PASS and systems specialist for the SQL Server Business Unit at Quest Software Posted February 04, 2008. … [Read more...]