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Broken or Just Bent? #passvotes

Cross Posted from Though things have died down a bit since the initial backlash, the recent development in the PASS board election process is still the talk of the town.  I’ve had the opportunity to talk to a number of folks about this, and have read some excellent blogs and other opinion pieces from those on both sides of the debate.  I traded some e-mails with Kevin Kline, a longtime member of the PASS board of directors, and he asked an interesting question: “Many in the community seem to think that the PASS election process is badly broken.  Do you think that PASS … [Read more...]

DBTA: The Future of Coding for SQL Server, Part 2

In my last column (published in the February e-edition and the March print edition of DBTA), I reviewed the overall coding landscape for SQL Server with special focus on LINQ to SQL, a new technology introduced by Microsoft in late 2008. LINQ to SQL promised to make developers' lives much easier by allowing them to focus on writing programs in their favorite Visual Studio language and letting LINQ to SQL write all the Transact-SQL code. The problem is that LINQ to SQL writes very bad Transact-SQL code. [READ MORE] … [Read more...]

Plays Well With Others – A Primer on Hiring

Good hiring practices are vital for any organization.  As you move up in ranks, you’ll be given more influence and authority in hiring situations.  Unfortunately, most organizations offer no training on how to effectively hire the best candidate nor do they have a formalized policy on how to conduct hiring.  The larger your organization, the more likely it is to have a formalized hiring process and well-defined roles for HR and for the hiring manager.  Even when the HR department (if it exists) is helpful and has good intentions, they often bring little to the hiring process except to weed out … [Read more...]

#passvotes Tweaks and Data Geeks: PASS Election 2011

Cross posted from Stuart Ainsworth’s codegumbo. Obviously, the angst over the 2010 PASS elections still lives on for some, and some of you are probably ready to move on to more immediate concerns, but as for me, I’m stuck here trying to figure out what I should learn from all of this.  I do think we as a community need to move forward, and to that end, I’ve agreed to participate in Kevin Kline’s series on the PASS elections process, and answer the following question: “Many in the community seem to think that the PASS election process is badly broken.  Do you think that PASS needs to … [Read more...]

A PASSionate Community

Cross posted from Joe Webb's blog. Much has been voiced about the Professional Association for SQL Server (PASS) Nominating Committee’s decision to not put Steve Jones (blog, twitter) on the ballot for this year’s Board of Directors election. I’ve watched this controversy unfold with great interest, biting my tongue to keep from making rash or reactionary comments one way or the other. I’m currently working on a guest blog post for a series that Kevin Kline (blog, twitter) is starting on the election process. In the coming days my guest post will appear on my site and on Kevin’s … [Read more...]

A Community Divided

Cross posted from Joe Webb's blog. People have been screaming from rooftops for a month now about the PASS election process, ever since a beloved member of our SQL Server community was shunned in his bid to run for the PASS Board of Directors. The community has reacted vocally. PASS has reacted defensively. And unfortunately much of the back and forth has been speaking “at” each other rather than “with” each other. Watching this has been almost as bad as watching someone burn bacon! Almost. Kevin Kline (blog, twitter) has asked a number of leaders in the community to … [Read more...]

Visual Studio 2010 – Special Edition

I wanted to pass along this great info from Microsoft.  There are literally oodles of free resources for Visual Studio programmers. In their own words... Take Visual Studio for a Test Drive Take this powerful tool and its features for a spin by downloading a full Visual Studio 2010 trial version. Discover how Visual Studio 2010 Professional helps individual developers build, test, debug software solutions. Attend an Event Find out how you can ride the next wave of innovation ushered in by Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. Choose from full day, … [Read more...]

Super stoked that @peschkaj is working with me @hillbillytoad at Quest_Software. See his blog at: … [Read more...]

Video: MVPs talk about SQL Server 2008

Video chat with Brent Ozar and SQL Server MVPs Kevin Kline, Hilary Cotter and Geoff Hiten to talk about how SQL Server 2008 addresses DBA challenges and pain points. In this webcast, we cover features like Transparent Data Encryption, spatial data, and other new things that really differentiate SQL Server 2008 from 2005. Posted December 24, 2008. … [Read more...]

Whirlwind travel ahead - St Louis, sqlbits, 5 cities in Europe, sqlsat58, and more. Whew! … [Read more...]