‘Membrance Monday

Okay, so it’s Tuesday not Monday. Whatcha gonna do, fight about it? I was sick all day yesterday and today, though better, I’m still not 100% PLUS I get to take care of two sick little critters. Yes, Katie Jo and Anna Lynn are under the weather.

Being sick means I fall behind on everything – work, chores, phone calls (sorry to everyone I failed to call back), etc. But I’m thankful that I’m still gainfully employed, that the laundry and dishes can wait, and that I have friends and loved ones who care enough to call.

So today’s ‘Membrance Monday theme is my 12-yr old blessing – Emily Kay Kline – or as she called herself for her first couple years of speaking, “Emmy Tay Fwine”. Here are some pictures that give you just a flavor of all of the happy memories this wonderful young woman has given her daddy. Oh, and Emily keeps a blog of her own at http://emmytayfwine.blogspot.com.

My Emmy Tay is only 12 yrs old. That’s a seventh grader. I remember 7th grade. I made some great friends in those days. Emily’s bestest friend is Bailey. Bailey is as fair as Emily is dark. They make a great pair, like a dog and his bark.

Emily got her nickname for two reasons. First, she called herself “Emmy Tay Fwine” when she was an itty bitty girl. But the thing that really cemented it was she would sit in my lap for long stretches of time while I played Diablo II and to make her happy I created a character named Emmy Tay Fwine, jut for the fun of it. The character was a dark haired sorceress and she looked kind’a like Emily. That character wound up being my best one, a level 92 Ice sorceress.

Well, she’s gotten bigger over the years. And she’s almost as tall as her mom at only 12! But she seems to be getting more and more beautiful every day.

And here attitude? The only way to describe it is “100% Emily”.

The Emmy Tay attitude is an odd mixture of humor, bossiness, silliness, haughtiness, goofiness, and queenly disdain.

She gets smarter and more capable every year. I’m a lucky dad and I have so much to be proud of!

I love you, Emmy Ta Fwine! From Dad…


  1. Awww – how sweet!

    But you know, most twelve-year olds are actually taller than Kelly, so that’s not as impressive as it sounds.

  2. She’s so cute! She must get that from her mom …



  4. I’m going to try to remember how to set up a link to your blog, Em.

    Siren, please don’t tell Kelly. She hasn’t figured it out yet.

    Kender, there’s no doubt she gets her beauty from you. And her ‘tude! ;^)

    Steve, I’ll give them all a good beating for you so that they’ll know what a REAL childhood is like!



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