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To My Beloved on Our Second Anniversary

This lovely poem reminded me of "covenant marriage" and the lifelong commitment of I and Love and You.Epithalamiumby Thomas LynchThat man who was married in the same black suithe was laid out in, years later, and buried,his widow's tears—they might all make sense to you,now that the two of you are to be married.You've seen old photos of the two of themtaken seven decades back or more.They showed up smiling and said, of coursewe will, for better or worse, and thenthey raised their glasses, cut the cake and kissedand tossed the bride's bouquet and garter outand thanked their parents and … [Read more...]

DBTA: Long-Term Changes Resulting from Policy-Based Management

It doesn’t seem like it was that long ago that my company’s IT department was bracing for a major new line of work. Back in the mid 1990s, we were going full steam into client-server technology. At the same time, we were significantly expanding our workforce. The IT department that had spent years as an old-style mainframe shop, was suddenly inundated with requests for new workstations, network user IDs, new network domains, permission requests, and requests for application access privileges. Our lone mainframe permissions person quickly felt overwhelmed and a little baffled by all of these … [Read more...]

Video: Interview – Part 4 SQL Server Community

My Vlog- Heather Eichman interviews Kevin Kline, the former President of PASS and systems specialist for the SQL Server Business Unit at Quest Software. Posted February 04, 2008. … [Read more...]

Adobe Air is almost able to challenge Apple iTunes for "most-hated-too-frequent updating" software … [Read more...]

DBTA: The New Master’s Certification from Microsoft

In July, Microsoft announced its new advanced training and certification program known as the Master’s Certification. (Read more about it at I’m really excited about this new certification because it fully lives up to the standard of “the appropriate certification for the appropriate audience.” For one thing, if you’ve ever gone to a martial arts school, you may find many talented martial artists and even several black belts there, but you’ll rarely find more than one “master.” Expect this new SQL Server certification to be equally … [Read more...]

Join O’Reilly on Facebook

O'Reilly Media on Facebook is a place for for anyone who is a fan of O'Reilly, whether you've been following their books, conferences, webcasts, and more since the very beginning or you recently jumped onto the bandwagon. I really enjoy the newsletters and blogs from O'Reilly's various channels, especially Tim O'Reilly's commentary. And, of course, there's my book - SQL in a Nutshell - published by O'Reilly for your consideration.  This book provides a complete reference of the latest release of the ANSI SQL standard, as well as full coverage of support for the ANSI standard from the … [Read more...]

Video: Worth Upgrading to SQL Server 2005

Why companies should upgrade their databases to SQL Server 2005. Please forgive posting this old video.  Many of the tips are still worth paying attention to since SQL Server 2005 features and technologies are the foundation of subsequent releases.  Posted December 19, 2006. … [Read more...]

Answered 300 emails last night. 141 new ones came in this morning. :^( … [Read more...]

Toad for Cloud Databases Community is now live!

Quest Software is proud to announce the launch of the Toad for Cloud Databases community site.  You can also get the free Toad for Cloud product here.  It's in beta, but definitely worth a try. If you've wondered what's over the horizon, I encourage you to take a look at this interview with Billy Bosworth, the head of Quest's database tools group.  (Yes, he's the guy who signs my checks).  We are now experiencing more disruptive technologies in the world of data than we have seen in nearly two decades. Perhaps your database is better suited for the cloud or maybe you want to investigate … [Read more...]

I've added a new blog post detailing my opinions about the demise of Google Wave. Read it here: … [Read more...]