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DBTA:Reaching for Highly Scalable Systems with SQL Server 2008

SQL Server has supported VLDBs (very large databases) for some time now. Back in the SQL Server 2000 days, I recall hearing multi-terabyte databases were unusual but doable. Now, they are commonplace, while databases in the hundreds of terabytes inhabit the part of the map that says "there be dragons." While VLDBs are quite common on SQL Server today, highly scalable systems that can be flexibly extended in the same fashion as Oracle/RAC are less so. So, how do you design a highly available architecture for SQL Server if it's not like Oracle/RAC. [READ MORE] … [Read more...]

Super excited! Signed copy of "Inside SQL Server", from Kalen Delaney, just arrived … [Read more...]

Free Poster – SQL Server Dynamic Management Views

I enjoy working at Quest Software partly because we do a lot to give back to the community. Here's one example, a free poster describing all of the SQL Server 2005 and 2008 dynamic management views.  Get it here.  It's the perfect compliment to the free system map poster available from Microsoft here. … [Read more...]

Plays Well With Others – Inaugural

Professional Development for the SQL Server Technologist This series of posts is dedicated to enhancing your soft skills.  For many technologists, the day-to-day grind of work tends to keep us focused on the SQL Server part of work and causes us to overlook the Professional.  While we, as technologists, spend the majority of our time honing hard, technology skills, but it’s important to remember that we are first and foremost employed to add value to the business processes of the organizations we work for.  In this series I will cover a wide variety of topics, including soft skills like … [Read more...]

Free Software for Unemployed Developers

Each month, for six months, Arnie Rowland will  be giving away a package of software, books, training, and development tools, valued at over $15,000, to an unemployed or underemployed developer that takes on a software project of his/her choice with a non-profit. "The idea is to provide the recipient access to all of the tools needed to improve his/her skills, an opportunity to gain practical experience, the potential to earn a recommendation and/or referral –and to positively contribute to society as a form of 'give-back'. No free lunch, just sweat equity –the kind that makes us all feel … [Read more...]

Beautiful and free picture ebooks from NASA,, where I worked for 3 yrs. X-15 book is the bomb-diggity. … [Read more...]

Looks like I might be speaking at sqlsat58 in Minneapolis, if they accept my lame-o session ideas. ;^) … [Read more...]

Video: Quest Software Set to Be SQL Server “Rock Star” at PASS 2007

Watch a full interview with Kevin Kline, president of PASS and technical strategy manager, SQL Server, Quest Software as he discusses the evolution of SQL Server. Posted September 17, 2007. … [Read more...]

Live in or near St Louis, MO? Join me on Sept 14th - … [Read more...]

I've had an astronomically busy couple weeks. Now, to tackle the email tidal wave awaiting me. :^P … [Read more...]