Toad for Cloud Databases Community is now live!

Toad's Gone All Sci-Fi on us. Engage, Number 1!

Quest Software is proud to announce the launch of the Toad for Cloud Databases community site.  You can also get the free Toad for Cloud product here.  It’s in beta, but definitely worth a try.

If you’ve wondered what’s over the horizon, I encourage you to take a look at this interview with Billy Bosworth, the head of Quest’s database tools group.  (Yes, he’s the guy who signs my checks).  We are now experiencing more disruptive technologies in the world of data than we have seen in nearly two decades. Perhaps your database is better suited for the cloud or maybe you want to investigate using a data store as part of your application architecture that isn’t even relational.  Imagine if you were empowered to take advantage of these new database technologies, when and where it makes sense.

Believe me, cloud databases and the NoSQL movement is not a passing fad.  It will have an impact on the way you do business – maybe not today, but not as far in the future as you might think.

Check it out.  And as always, I welcome your feedback.



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