Wednesday Quest: Plenty O’Betas and Product Releases

Spotlight on SQL Server

That’s right! An all new version 8.0 of Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise is now GA and updated trials are live on the website. Some cool stuff therein:

Support for SQL Server 2011 (Denali) – Spotlight can now be used to monitor SQL Server 2011 databases (Denali CTP1 and CTP2 releases).

Project Lucy integration – Use Project Lucy to analyze the performance of your database and compare your experience with everyone else who uses the service.

VMware memory diagnostics – Analyze virtual memory using charts similar to that used to analyze virtual CPU.

We also put out a press release at TechEd in May announcing Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise 8.0 – you can check that out in the Newsroom on Quest Software Adds Collective Intelligence-Based Analysis to Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise.

LiteSpeed for SQL Server

Version 6.5 is hot off the presses HERE. Some very cool new features include:

  • Adaptive Compression to continually optimize backup compression for best performance
  • Backup Templates to easily manage and deploy backup jobs to multiple instances
  • More powerful remote deployment facility to simplify server deployment and configuration
  • Fast Compression to deduplicate data at the server and further reduce backup times and data volume

LiteSpeed keeps getting faster and faster!

Toad for SQL Server

Version 5.5 is GA with lots of new features and benefits include:

  • Greater consistency with Toad for Oracle
    – New session browser
    – Added filtering to schema compare and synch
    – Same installer as Toad for Oracle
    – Bundle installers
    – Enterprise option in the license key to display “unlimited” seats
  • Database Administration Enhancements
    – Index defragmentation
    – Manage database storage
    – Discover SQL Server Instances
    – Virtual Indexes for User Defined Alternatives (SQL Optimizer)
  • Database Development Enhancements
    – Improved critical Code Completion functionality and overall performance

New bundle executables are now available for download:

And as I’ve offered in the past, let me know if you want the KEK hookup for a long-term license of Toad for SQL Server.  [wink wink nudge nudge]

Storage Maximizer for SharePoint

Check out this cool tool which greatly enhances your storage options when using Microsoft SharePoint: Some details:

  • Supports EBS – Storage Maximizer works with SharePoint External BLOB Storage (EBS) to leave a GUID behind in the content database that references the location of the external content.  The end users will see the same link and can still open the item as if it were stored in the SQL content database. Support for RBS will follow 3 months after the 1.0 release.
  • Rules Engine – Storage Maximizer allows a SharePoint administrator to set rules that automatically remove content to selected external repositories based on content criteria, including size, type, date and number of versions. Administrators can quickly deploy rules to reduce content database size without having to perform complicated rule calculations.
  • Flexible Storage – Offload content to various content repositories within a single install. Utilize various levels of storage that range from direct attached storage, network storage to cloud-based storage. Storage Maximizer works with the following cloud storage providers, Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure.
  • Content Externalizing Scope – Set the scope for externalizing documents form a Site Collection to a document library.
  • Reporting Dashboard – View the amount of externalized content in an easy to read graphical chart and view details of how much content is externalized to the various repositories, the status of those repositories and the events happening with content externalization.
  • Integrated Management – Storage Maximizer integrates with Central Administration and looks indistinguishable from other SharePoint features. It installs no agents or services, but Storage Maximizer is a fully integrated solution that leverages existing APIs and Services.
  • Encryption and Compression – Secure your external data with Storage Maximizer encryption and compression to ensure only those going through SharePoint with the proper access can view and change the data.
  • Enabled Search – Storage Maximizer maintains SharePoint search capabilities to ensure you find the data you need.
  • Document Re-entry – Bring your externalized content back into SharePoint easily with Storage Maximizer.  Never lose your external content, when you disable the link between SharePoint and the external content, Storage Maximizer will bring that content back into the SharePoint content database.

Plenty of webinars too!

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