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Plays Well With Others – The “Unhiring” Process

It’s not a pleasant topic to discuss.  There are typically two general scenarios for involuntary separation – layoffs and termination.  Layoffs entail a general reduction in work force due to a need to reduce expenses.  Layoffs usually imply that those it affects were dismissed through no fault of their own and that they were otherwise good employees.  Termination, on the other hand, indicates that the employee had failed to meet the expectations of the job and was otherwise incompatible with the needs of the employer.  This is such an unpleasant topic that people manufacture lots of words to … [Read more...]

Video: Interview – Part 4 SQL Server Community

Heather Eichman interviews Kevin Kline, the former President of PASS and systems specialist for the SQL Server Business Unit at Quest Software Posted February 04, 2008. … [Read more...]

DBTA: Is it Time for a Professional Code of Ethics for DBAs?

In my many years on the board of directors of the Professional Association for SQL Server (PASS), I frequently exhorted our members to strive for individual achievement and personal excellence. One of the best paths for many SQL Server professionals is through certification, especially if they lack years of demonstrated on-the-job experience. However, certification only paints half the picture. While it might demonstrate, at a minimum, that you passed a test (or several tests) about the database technology, it tells nothing about your standards for good conduct. [READ MORE] … [Read more...]

Plays Well With Others – Hiring, Part 3

Fit and Finish Considering how expensive it is to bring on new people into your organization, it really pays dividends to make sure that any new hire is both a good fit for the technical requirements of the job as well as a good fit for the overall culture of the team and organization overall.  In part 1 of this series, we talked about the groundwork needed to effectively bring in a new hire.  Like database and application design, a little extra preparation in the beginning can save you a lot of heartache later in the process.  In part 2 of the series, we talked about various styles of … [Read more...]