PASS Summit 2012, Slide Decks

Ok, I have to admit the painful truth. I’m reliably slow to the finish line. This year, I got my slides into PASS HQ by the skin of my teeth, the weekend before the event was to begin.  Although I could say with a straight face “I uploaded my slides!”.  I have to be honest that I wasn’t surprised when many of my attendees said that they weren’t available for download by the time my session started.  OTOH, I also have to say that I really do prefer for attendees to focus on the presentation while it’s being presented and that they should grab the slides afterwards.  But that’s just my personal preference.

Having said all of that, I’m going to post my three session slide decks here so that you can grab them in case PASS has to take a while longer to get them posted.  If you don’t mind, the PASS program committee has introduced a new electronic feedback system.  PLEASE PROVIDE FEEDBACK!

(Click on the session title to download the zip file of the slide deck).

PASS TV – Gaining Executive Support

This brief session is all about convincing your boss to do something you want – telecommute, make a big purchase of hardware or software, bring in a consultant, and so forth.  See the PASS TV schedule for other sessions.

Winning Influence in IT Teams

Abstract: Ever wanted to convince the boss to try something new, but didn’t know where to start? Ever tried to lead your peers toward an innovative, fresh idea only to fail to achieve your goals? This session teaches you the eight techniques of influencing IT professionals and the means of communicating your ideas upward to management and out to teammates so that you can innovate and achieve change in your organization.  You’ll learn the fundamental difference between influence and authority and how you can achieve a high degree of influence without explicit authority. You’ll also learn the eight techniques of influencing IT professionals, when to apply them, and how to best use them. And you’ll discover the communication and procedural techniques that ensure your ideas get a hearing by bosses and peers, and how to best win support for them.

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Managing SQL Server in a Virtual World

This session rocked the house! We had standing room only probably at 20 to 30 minutes before start time. Our attendance was over 500, but we probably could’ve filled the biggest 700+ person room.  A special thanks to my friend David Klee (blog | twitter)  for tag-teaming with my like mega-nerd luchadors.

Abstract: Why are so many organizations implementing VMware, and what does it mean for SQL Server DBAs? In this deep-dive session, you’ll see that when configured and managed properly, SQL Server can run just as well in a virtual environment as a physical one. We’ll review the benefits VMware provides, including hardware abstraction, easier failover, and simpler capacity planning. We’ll also explore key tips to help administer a SQL Server instance running inside a virtual machine. You’ll learn the differences in general administration, disaster recovery, and high availability on VMs; get a better understanding of activity and performance trends on VMs; and learn how to ensure effective capacity planning and optimal performance on VMs. If you’ve ever had a virtual deployment go bad, or if you’re struggling to manage the performance of virtualized SQL Servers, be sure to catch this session.

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  1. Why are so many organizations implementing VMware, and what does it mean for SQL Server DBAs?

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