Four Major Trends that Defined 2023 in Data

At the close of January 2024, I wrote an article for Database Trends and Applications Magazine recapping four major trends that helped define the year in data for 2023: AI, Machine Learning, DevOps, and Data Governance. In no small way, 2023 was a year marked by innovation and change in the enterprise technology landscape. Companies of all sizes continue to accelerate their digital transformation efforts, to leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning-powered solutions, including observability tools, to keep up with today's increasingly complex infrastructure environments. But to … [Read more...]

The Top Six Benefits of Database DevOps for Streamlined and Stronger Database Operations

DevOps is a very popular approach for running and managing development projects. But it shouldn't be restricted to only development projects. Databases have lots of code as well, from triggers to functions to stored procedures, and these too should be managed under the umbrella of DevOps. Back in July of 2023, I wrote about this idea in greater detail at Click the link to read more. Here's a brief snippet of the article: Data is the cornerstone of the modern digital business. IT teams, database professionals, and business leaders use data to make informed decisions, … [Read more...]