Secure Your Spot at the Nashville SQL Saturday!

PASS SQL Saturdays are free 1-day training events for IT professionals interested in Microsoft SQL Server, providing a variety of high-quality technical sessions, all happen through the efforts of local volunteers.  The leadership team of the local chapter of PASS here in Nashville (Facebook | LinkedIn) have worked hard to make this year's SQL Saturday a day of great training and networking. The local NashSQL leadership team includes yours truly (blog | twitter), Joe Webb (Twitter | Blog), Louis "Dr SQL" Davidson (Twitter | Blog), Christina Leo (blog | twitter), and Shelton Dickson … [Read more...]

Come See Me. I’ll Probably Be Just Down the Street Soon!

Even though I've recently changed jobs, I'll still be speaking at a lot of SQL events across the country and internationally.  There are still a few trips that I've yet to finalize, in particular with the fine folks in Houston, run by my friend Nancy Hidy (blog | twitter), and my friends in San Francisco and Silicon Valley, run by my friend Mark Ginnebaugh (blog | twitter).  Also, do to some missed deadlines, it looks like I won't be speaking at the Nordic SQL Rally this fall. My bad!  On the other hand, you can see when checking my roster, that I hardly have time to catch my breath with this … [Read more...]

SQL Saturday is Coming to Nashville! Won’t You?

How 'Bout a Little Context? Let me be direct with you.  I love SQL Saturday.  If it were a woman, I'd marry it.  (Avoiding all extraneous thoughts of what my real wife would say, etc etc). Check out this fun Flickr Feed from the recent SQL Saturday in Chicago or these picks by Jorge Segara (blog | twitter) to see the sort of fun that's in store.  But who can argue with a day of free SQL Server training and a chance to network with great presenters and a wide swath of your peers? I've tried to support SQL Saturday as much as I can since Andy Warren (blog | twitter) launched the … [Read more...]

24 Hours of PASS

Join me and many other great SQL Server gurus on September 1st for a 24-hour virtual event, 24 Hours of PASS.  I'll be there along with many of the great SQL community speakers (and personal friends) such as Louis Davidson, Kalen Delaney, Steve Jones, Andy Kelly, Brian Knight, Brad McGahee and many more.  Each session is one hour in length with a 45 minute presentation and 15 minutes of live Q&A.  Local PASS Chapters from around the world will be hosting each hourly segment. If you live in middle Tennessee, northern Alabama, or southern central Kentucky, be sure to check out our great … [Read more...]