Introducing Zebra-man

I got the nickname “Zebra-man” about nine years ago entirely by accident. It was an early Saturday morning in the summer time and my then five year old son (Dylan) and two-and-a-half year old daughter (Emily) were wrestling and tickling in bed.

We were having a big time when our domestic goddess and my wife called us in to a fantastic country breakfast. (You can read my wife’s awesome blog at We all jumped up and ran into the kitchen for fried eggs with bacon, biscuits, and gravy when my son asked “Daddy, why are you wearing those zebra undies?”

I looked down and, sure enough, I was wearing zebra patterned undies. So, just as a joke, I replied “Because I’m a superhero and my secret identity is … ZEBRAMAN!” I posed in a bunch of bodybuilder/superhero poses. My kids (and wife) were all practically rolling on the floor, laughing.

Then my son pointed his fork at me, and with a very serious expression, asked “If you’re a superhero, what are your powers?”

I tried to think of some zebra-related superpowers and, coming up with very little, decided to go for silly powers rather than cool ones. “Why, I can blend in with savanna grasses of course!” was my reply.

Dylan and Emily were not impressed. But they REALLY got a laugh out of seeing me do the bodybuilder poses, so we all took turns doing them for the next half-hour. I think we’ve got some pictures of the kids posing somewhere around the house.

And now you know the rest of the story!

This is Monday. And Monday is sometimes a tough day because you have to get back to work. So I’ve decided to make this my own personal “Things that make me smile” day to remind me of the things that make my life worthwhile. So here are a few to remind me of the good things in life:

Things that make me smile

Holding feet

Seeing my son play guitar and sing

Finishing a big project at work

Hearing my wife or kids sing, even moreso when they sing together

How about you?



  1. Oooh! Love the idea of counting blessings – I need to do that every day. Several times a day.

    Your wife makes me smile!


    Your friendship makes me smile!

    Your kids make me laugh my friggin’ arse off!!!

  2. So what did you pull out of your ass to be Zebraman?


  3. You sneaky sneaky boy, trying to slip in under the radar.

    Where’s your nekkid zebraman butt?

  4. Wow I am glad to have that cleared up! I have been wondering but I won’t tell you where my mind was going….(smirk)…we are waiting for HNT!!!

  5. Finding out my friends have blogs makes me smile! It’s such a great way to stay in touch.

    Now how about an HNT shot of you in those Zebra shorts? 😉

  6. And y’know, I just gotta clarify something. After doing the bodybuilder posing, you actually came running into the kitchen, slid across the floor in your socks, struck a pose in your zebra undies, and shouted, “Zebraman! With the uncanny ability to blend in with the savannah grasses!!!” THAT is how the nickname stuck.

  7. Sam – I’m doing my Smile List every Monday. Please join me! (I think I’ll also start “Drop Trow Tuesdays”, but I digress.)

    Don – unlike you, I did not earn my nickname by stuffin’ or pullin’ anything outta my rear. But I’ve found that it’s a great place to put empty beer bottles when you don’t have any place to set them down.

    Kel – you are completely right! How could I forget that part??? I came running in with those ankle-high athletic socks and the “Uncanny Ability” speach. I think the scrambled eggs fell right out of your mouth, it was hanging open so much.

    JY and Suze – your minds instantly went to me in a pair of zebra bikinis? ME??? Well, they died long before the advent of the digital camera.


  8. i remember that. and those weren’t boxers…..i remember we all made up our own superhero identities,but i don’t have the slightest clue what mine was. mom thought she was giraffe woman.

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