Remind me how…

Kelly can read this, but the rest of y’all just ignore this (especially you, Don!)


remind me how you like it best
heated rush or bated breath

gently brushed across the lip
wide-mouthed crushing liquid flow

wrestling tight arms entwined
loosely clutched hips duo

taste and smell a kiss bequest
when you
remind me how you like it best


  1. I read it. Are ya gonna punish me? 🙂

  2. PICK ME! PICK ME!!! I like it just about anyway I can get it!!! (smirking) I read it too!!!

  3. Oh dear, I feel like I walked in on somebody having sex….

    can I watch?

    ilrku – a promise a voyeur makes to be allowed to participate: if you let me peek,ilrku on the back of the thigh while you have sex…

  4. I read it too. You still write poetry eh? I think this would have made Seed …and gotten me expelled in the process.

    I read it to Tim. He just said, “You. Bed. Now.”

    So, thanks! 🙂

  5. Y’know, I was thinking simply of kissing when I wrote that. It seems like everyone else is getting other ideas. LOL!

    And I think all y’all are gonna need a good spanking for being so naughty! :^D

  6. Ok Zeb let me break it down for you…LOLA is never the spankee (wink wink)…but iffin’ you’re feelin’ froggy…bring it!

    qawykdpk = duck talk for spank me baby!

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