DBTA – PASS Summit 2019 and SQL Server 2019

The annual PASS Summit, the industry’s largest gathering of SQL Server professionals, hosted more than 4,000 attendees in Seattle recently recently. PASS (www.pass.org) has grown to more than 300 local chapters around the world, and its 1,000th SQL Saturday will likely be held sometime in early 2020. The opening keynote by Rohan Kumar, corporate vice president of data and AI at Microsoft, focused on the achievements and growth of SQL Server in the marketplace, as well as on the new features and capabilities now available in the public release of SQL Server 2019. (Details about the keynote are … [Read more...]

Virtualizing SQL Server: Strategies and Best Practices

SQL Server virtualization is an expectation today, including for mission-critical systems. In its first decade of implementation, virtualization was rare for database workloads. However, virtualization is largely defacto across medium- and enterprise-sized business in the USA and around the world. Despite widespread adoption by more than 60% of medium and big business, some businesses remain nervous about taking on a SQL Server virtualization project, largely because of performance concerns and unfamiliarity. But we’re here to help! With proper planning, use of best practices, and … [Read more...]

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Introduction to Azure Data Studio and the Plan Explorer Extension

Webinar Recap Azure Data Studio (ADS) is a lightweight, browser-based query tool that enables access to all Microsoft on-premises and cloud data platforms from clients running Windows, macOS, and Linux. SentryOne Plan Explorer, the free and wildly popular SQL Server query tuning tool, now has a powerful extension for ADS, giving you the ability to run as a standalone application, from SSMS, and from ADS.  I recently teamed up with Warwick Rudd (@Warwick_Rudd), Data Platform MVP and Principal Consultant at SQL Masters Consulting, for the webinar, “Introduction to Azure Data … [Read more...]

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What’s Step 1 in a Cloud Migration? Data Cleansing

When planning a successful cloud migration, several different things need to happen in a specific order. The first step—and possibly the most critical—is to make sure you have clean data to migrate. It’s the perfect time to take a good, hard look at your data and make some assessments. Why assess and cleanse your data? Because storage of data in the cloud has a variable cost. The more there is to store, the more it costs. But if you don’t need or can’t use portions of your data, then performing an assessment literally means you will save money. Click HERE to read more. … [Read more...]

Join Me at These Midwest SQL Server User Group Meetings, Oct. 8-11!

Just a quick note that I’m speaking in Iowa and Nebraska this week. If you’re nearby, I hope you can join us! Plus, I’ve added details for two bonus webinars - one is presented by PASS and the other by my friends at Apex Systems. Click HERE to read more. … [Read more...]

History of PASS, Part 3: Bylaws Version 1

Kevin Kline shares the initial PASS Bylaws, how they came to be, what they focused on, and the first rounds of changes that we made to them as a team. Click HERE to read more. … [Read more...]

DBTA – The Surprising Value and Utility of Azure Notebooks

Even if you have been working in the database industry for a long time, there is a good chance that you have never heard of notebooks. Meanwhile, your colleagues down the hall in the data science or business intelligence department may have been enjoying the powerful utility of notebooks their entire multi-decade career. Click HERE to read more … [Read more...]

DBTA – Whether IT Infrastructure is On-Prem or in the Cloud, You Still Need Architects

The big cloud vendors tout many reasons for running IT infrastructure in the cloud. A very prominent benefit is “accelerated innovation and delivery.” That’s a powerful selling point because every IT manager I have ever known wants to deliver better results, faster, and at lower cost. However, it seems that the less IT managers know about doing actual hands-on IT work, the more demanding they are. They just don’t grasp how hard these projects can be. Conversely, my experience has taught me that most IT managers who came up through the ranks as software developers, system administrators, and … [Read more...]