DBTA – Whether IT Infrastructure is On-Prem or in the Cloud, You Still Need Architects

The big cloud vendors tout many reasons for running IT infrastructure in the cloud. A very prominent benefit is “accelerated innovation and delivery.” That’s a powerful selling point because every IT manager I have ever known wants to deliver better results, faster, and at lower cost.

However, it seems that the less IT managers know about doing actual hands-on IT work, the more demanding they are. They just don’t grasp how hard these projects can be. Conversely, my experience has taught me that most IT managers who came up through the ranks as software developers, system administrators, and QA staff members know that it is extremely difficult to pull off development projects quickly and with high quality. That makes these veterans more protective of their teams, more adherent to standards, and more likely to push back against scope creep. They know the sort of sand traps that come from ignoring development issues.

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