Now on SQLPASS, “Can Integrity Be Learned?”

Ok, I admit it.  I’ve done about as good a job publicizing my monthly professional development column, Plays Well With Others, as NBC did when the transitioned Jay Leno back to the Tonight Show.

So I’m going to try to better, henceforth and forever more!  Two entries ago, I talked about the The 8 Characteristics of Exceptional Leaders.  This month, I’m drilling into the characteristic on that list that generated the most controversy in emails and messages – “Absolute Integrity”.  Many people took issue with the concept that integrity can be learned, instead believing that integrity is innate, like a sense of humor or a dancer’s rhythm.

What do you think?  Read the article here and weigh in with your opinion! (Be forewarned – the PASS website is free, but does require registration.  And I encourage you to do so since there are many other great resources there to take advantage of.)



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