Have You Heard About Project Lucy?

Lucy, You Got Some 'Splainin to do!

Quest Software’s latest community initiative, Windows Azure-based Project Lucy, has debuted! Project Lucy is part infrastructure analytics, part social media experiment, and part performance data warehouse.

The best things about Project Lucy include:

  • It’s Free – just like our SQLServerPedia website, Project Lucy is free to anyone who wants to upload a trace file
  • It’s 1oo% web-based – you don’t have to download or maintain anything and updates roll out seamlessly, all the time
  • It really helps – just generate a SQL Trace on a SQL Server 2000, 2005 or 2008 instance, upload it on www.projectlucy.com, and see for yourself

This initiative empowers DBAs and IT professionals to gain a better understanding of  their database performance through automated analyses and collaboration with their peers. Our goal is to allow users to go beyond the benefits of installing and using a commercial product, and tap into an online community to share and compare experiences and results.

Our goal is to test the best ways we can help users learn and understand what their performance data really means, and how they should act upon that data – if at all – in a collaborative, meaningful way. For this debut, Project Lucy will accept SQL Trace files, or zip files containing multiple traces, and will provide a summary of the content and areas where performance can be improved. As y’all use the service, information will become available to help you compare your performance and engage in meaningful discussions with others about the issues you are facing.

Your feedback, your feedback, and participation will drive how Project Lucy evolves. Get involved by participating in the pilot program! And let me know what you think.

Go to www.projectlucy.com to get started!



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