OMG! Em’s Driving!

Yep, baby number two is now legal behind the wheel.She did very well while we were practicing. So I've felt pretty good about turning her loose on the world. She still needs more practice in reverse and in tight parking situations which, I remember with great clarity, where areas where I too needed practice as a teenager.She's driving the old Bonnie. We'll need to replace the ol' vehicle pretty soon. It's got a bazillion miles on it and it's getting more and more expensive to keep running properly. I'm a big believer in preventative maintenance. But there comes a point where, when too … [Read more...]

Dia de los Muertos & Cheekwood, Fall 2009

Dia de los Muertos is the Latin American tradition celebrating the Catholic holiday of All Saints Day. Emily's Spanish class entered the contest at the region-wide tapete contest. Tapete (pronounced "tap-et-ay") is a traditional Mexican chalk art expressing a variety of traditional "Day of the Dead" themes. Since the Day of the Dead is not traditionally a sad or scary day, the scenes are usually very festive and bright. Emily drew the image for her team and they put it on pavement and ... WON! Great job Emily!The celebration was held at the very beautiful Cheekwood botanical gardens and, … [Read more...]

Injury at the Fall Festival

If there's one thing I've learned about the annual expedition to the Lakeview Elementary Fall Festival, it's that all the girls will want to go to the MASH tent at least once, maybe many times. Fortunately, Anna was not really injured though Dylan had fun playing up all of the bandages and bloody marks on all the girls.(You can click on the images below of Katie (looking surly) and Ava (looking content) to see bigger versions of the pictures.) I went to the Fall Festival for reasons of my own, primarily to drink:And to eat all the yummy cakes we won in the cakewalk: … [Read more...]

MTSU Convocation

I don't know how I managed to, but I forgot about posting the pictures from Dylan and Connor's convocation at MTSU. Dylan and Connor had everything hammered out and were ready to get settled into their dorm room. Rachel Ramsey came along to cheer on her boyfriend, Dylan. The girls, while tolerant, were not having an awesome time. They had a few sodas, enjoyed the shade, and mostly just hung out with us trying not to look too bored. Emily managed to have some fun too and, I think, looked wonderful when I snapped this picture of her. As you can tell, she especially enjoyed climbing in the … [Read more...]

Mustache’s Are The In-Thing, I’m Told

As a joke, I bought Emily a pack of silly stick-on mustaches for her birthday back in the middle of summer. I was shocked by how much she - and all of the kids - enjoyed them!Katie and Ava wore them all day long. Ava's was light brown. Dylan, who was getting ready for some choir thing, decided to play up his suited look with a pipe just to make sure he was pulling off the English banker look. Jelly Bean added the Basset Hound flavor to the whole mix.I think he needs a bowler hat to go the full 100%. LOL! … [Read more...]

The Teutonic Knight Has Fallen

Dylan's VW GTI Was TotaledDylan did such an awesome job with scholarships this year that he got more funds than the entirety of his tuition, books, fees, room and board. Consequently, I anted up for a very nice 2002 VW GTI as his new ride.It was nicely tricked out by its original owner, with custom wheels, low profile racing tires, woven stainless steel hoses, high performance belts, cold air intack, high-pressure turbo, etc, etc, etc. It produced over 350 horsepower and even more torque. Dylan was a conservative driver and didn't abuse it or push it hard. Unfortunately, we forgot that … [Read more...]

College Orientation

Took Dylan down to MTSU for orientation. It won't be long before he'll be a full-time student there. Of course, I'm sure he'll be home all the time. After all, it's only a 45 minute drive one-way. That might be a bit long for commuting, but it's definitely fine for coming home on the weekends and occasionally during the week.He pretty quickly made friends and got to see a lot of the benefits and opportunities available around the campus. I, on the other hand, got to hand out with all of the other parents and get lectures about how not to be a helicopter parent who constantly parachutes … [Read more...]

Mighty Kid Katie Conquers the World!

This day in history is taken from a newspaper report delivered in July 2001.Brushy-headed Baby Steals Hearts, Drools a LotReporting from Nashville, TN - July 26, 2001This adorable little baby might look like she's content to merely chew on Biter Biscuits and laze around the house all day, but you'd be mistaken. While Biter Biscuits are definitely on the menu for this rambunctious tot, so are the fingers of her brother, sisters, and parents."No, Daddy! YOU NOT EAT MY IFECWEAM!", ordered the young dictator at a recent family gathering.After being mentored by her older sister, Emmy Tay Fwine, … [Read more...]

Sweet Sixteen

What a Beautiful Baby Girl!All those years ago, I knew that Emily would grow up to be something special. Smart and observant, she didn't talk much as a baby, preferring instead to let her brother speak for her.She broke hearts everywhere she went - including mine. Maybe it's a dad thing, but the moment she was born, I blurted "Now I've got to worry about her dating!" But I have to say, having a daddy's girl is one of the best things that's ever happened to me.I love you, Emily! Happy sweet sixteen! You've matured so much and filled my heart with pride over the huge strides you've made.You … [Read more...]

Learner’s Permit for Em

Emily was a tad nervous getting her learner's permit. But she'd had plenty of time to prepare and even one false alarm for the test. The previous week she, Dylan, and I went to renew Dylan's license and have her take the test. But it turned out that the DMV didn't do learner's permit tests at that location. The test allows you to miss up to 6 questions. And that's exactly what she missed - 6. She's been driving me around a lot since then and is doing really well. Now, we need to get the ol' Bonnie cleaned up so that she can drive it after the new year when she gets her full license. … [Read more...]