Katie’s Premature Aging Problem

She looks like an old Scottish man! … [Read more...]

Halloween Hobos and Highnesses

No one would be surprised if your little daughters wanted to dress up as princesses for Halloween.  Here are our two little "Her Royal Highnesses":Honestly, I think Katie (above upper) and Ava (above lower) just wanted an excuse to put on tons of make-up and to do their hair.  Savannah kindly photo-bombed Ava in all of her glamours glory.  The older girls decided to go in the exact opposite direction of the glamour of pageant princess and settled on HOBOS.Savannah (above top) is channeling more of the "unwashed hippy" vibe.  Kaylee and Rebecca (above middle) are making … [Read more...]

Anna’s Biggest Latte Ever!

She's guzzling the coffee now. At least it's sweet and creamy. :^) … [Read more...]

Anna Sings With The Honor Choir

My lovely Anna is singing on the front row on the far righthand side. … [Read more...]

Emily Turns 18

At first, she was all "I don't need no schoolin'!" But that didn't last long.And then she was all, "I wanna be just like my dad!" But that didn't last long.And then she was all, "I'm the biggest girl, so I'm the boss of you!" But that didn't last long.And then she was like, "Look out world, here I come!" And THAT did last a long, long time. … [Read more...]

Anna Gets Baptised

Of all the things a Christian father wishes and strives to achieve for his children, a strong spiritual foundation is first and foremost. From that foundation, it seems like most every other good thing can flow. Anna appears in this video about 1/2 way through.Picnic, Baptism & Hail Storm of June 2011 from Friendship Community Church on Vimeo. … [Read more...]

Katie at Five Months Old

She's slobbery and cute. No, not right now. This video is from January 2002. She also tries to yank out Emily's hair at about 1 minute before the end of the video. LOLs ensue. … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday, Anna – 2002

She's already a beautiful singer at 2.5 years old. She just can't remember the words. LOL … [Read more...]

I’m So Happy With You, Daddy

 This is the sort of look I get whenever I ask Katie for a hug or kiss. I hope it gets better when she's a teenager or else I'm done for! … [Read more...]

Sometimes They Argue. And Sometimes …

 ...they don't. Yeah, it's like that pretty much all the time. Overall, it's a really positive and really cute relationship. … [Read more...]