MTSU Convocation

I don’t know how I managed to, but I forgot about posting the pictures from Dylan and Connor’s convocation at MTSU. Dylan and Connor had everything hammered out and were ready to get settled into their dorm room. Rachel Ramsey came along to cheer on her boyfriend, Dylan.

The girls, while tolerant, were not having an awesome time. They had a few sodas, enjoyed the shade, and mostly just hung out with us trying not to look too bored.

Emily managed to have some fun too and, I think, looked wonderful when I snapped this picture of her. As you can tell, she especially enjoyed climbing in the beautiful trees all over campus.

Dylan and Connor’s dorm room was in a really cool location. There are a lot of stairs, but that’s good for ’em.

See more pictures in my on-line photo album at MTSU 2009 Convocation

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