Now you see it. Now you don’t.

So...I grew a beard during the month of November. It all started when I got sick in Germany. Since I was feeling so low for so long, I didn't have any inclination to shave at all for the first couple weeks of November. And once I had the Don Johnson/Miami Vice vibe going full force, it was hard to stop. Of course, Emily and Dylan's constant urging always factors in to these sorts of decisions. So, without a protest from Rachel, I decided to go for the full month without a shave.REDUX 1994Of course, once I did shave, I went back to the goatee that I've worn since the Christmas holidays of 1994. … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Dinner

The dinner was great and the turkey was absolutely perfect. Rachel was disappointed that the skin wasn't golden brown, but it's flavor and juiciness was perfection. We pigged out for a couple hours and then headed out to the back deck to enjoy the new firebowl. Rachel's mom brought lots of delicacies. Perhaps most importantly, she brought the desert.I'm not exactly sure what Katie was trying to do here, but I'm glad her tail end wasn't near the fire at the time. More photos to follow in the Photobucket gallery.-Kev … [Read more...]

Dylan, Sam, and Conner

I got to spend some time with Dylan, Conner Miller, and Sam Holley-Kline (my nephew) over the fall. Dylan got to realize a life long dream of actually holding an Elite Powersword from the Halo game series when we went to Gatlinburg over fall break.Sam came down over the Thanksgiving break and we got to spend some quantity and quality time with him. I took Dylan and him out one night for a lil Dave & Buster's action. Of course, Dylan had to spend some time on the DDR machine. Sam was dragged into it to and, humorously, able to beat Dylan's score because he played on Beginner level and … [Read more...]

My Dance with Stardom

I've told friends from time to time that I had a bit part in big Hollywood movie - Space Camp. It took place in the late summer or early fall of 1985, just after graduation. As an extra, we got paid $35/day plus some really nice catered food.But I got lucky because they had a scene that needed two tall extras. We were needed to conceal a cartload of cables that ran alongside two vending machines. So me and another good looking blond fella who went to Randolph (a private school), got the lucky break. In the scene, the black actor (whose name escapes me) needs change for a coke. He asks if I … [Read more...]

A Birthday to Remember

Ever have one of those "special" events that turns out to be a lot more special than you wanted? That was the case with my 42nd birthday.The week started off nicely. We initially thought I had to leave for a long business trip on Saturday. So we were all happy to see that I had some extra time and didn't have to leave until Sunday. Rachel and I took the kids down to our church's Fall Festival for a hay ride, pumpkin carving, games, and general merriment. You can see Katie, Kaylee, Anna, and Rachel (standing) pretty clearly at right. Katie, who's closest to the camera, is just getting in her … [Read more...]

Wedding Bells Are Ringing

More pictures to follow! … [Read more...]

The Gang’s All Here

While I was recovering from surgery, I had the good fortune of having most of my family out for a two week visit ending on July 8th. I spent a boatload of frequent flyer points and brought out everyone I could get my hands on. Above is a picture of the whole gang as we were about to get on board the General Jackson riverboat for a trip down the Cumberland River. In the back row, from the left, is Emily (daughter), Wendy (sister-in-law), Dan (brother), Jake (nephew), Shirley (mom), and Chuck (step-dad). In the front row, from the left, is Katie Jo (daugther), Anna Lynn (daughter), and Dylan … [Read more...]

More links to friends…

Just a quick word that I added blog links to a few friends. Coach Bos, Billy Bosworth, is my friend and the general manager for the SQL Server business unit at Quest Software. Heather Eichman is a long time friend and product marketing manager for EMEA and some of our best known products. She's now living in the UK and having some crazy European adventures. Finally, Andy Grant and Christian Hasker, two blokes who manage the rest of our SQL Server product marketing, are also pals newly added to the list. Check 'em out! … [Read more...]

Our New Family Member

Emily has been pining for a kitten of her own for years. I'd always disallowed cats because I'm very allergic cats. Plus, Dylan and Anna are both allergic to cats and have asthma. Owning a cat for them can be plain dangerous for their health. However, their mom has allowed Dylan to have a cat for almost the entire year and he and Anna seems to be doing quite well.Based on their experiences and the fact that I extracted a promises from Emily to wash the cat weekly and keep its litter box very clean, I decided to go ahead and let her take advantage of a new opportunity...We'd had a semi-feral … [Read more...]

She was fun while she lasted

Our beloved little hamster, Pippy Loo, reached the end of her little hamster lifespan. She was actually only middle-aged for a hamster, but evidently got an infection in her lungs that did her in in very short order. She was playing and running on her wheel on Sunday night and breathing her last by Tuesday. Very sad, but the kids and I had a little burial for her that seemed to give everone some good closure. And everyone got over the loss pretty quickly when I promised a new hamster. Pippy Loo was very tame and a real joy (as much as a hamster can be). Here's hoping that our new hamster … [Read more...]