When you think summer vacation this year, think #SQLVacation!

I’ve been telling you about the SQLCruise for a long time now. When I attend the SQLCruise, it’s usually in January/February. And I still attest that one of the best ways to spend a week of your summer is on the SQLCruise like mi amigo, Aaron Bertrand (b | t) is doing in the Mediterranean next week. But a winter break isn’t in the cards for many of us.

Time to load up the Wally Wagon!

Barring a summer cruise, there are a multitude of great vacations awaiting us. This summer, we at SQL Sentry have decided to do a fun riff on the National Lampoon Vacation movies starring Chevy Chase.

sqlvacation 01

I’m going to load up the Horde in a minivan (Well, only 5 of my 7 kids but no dog or mother-in-law this time) and make a circuit of the big cities between Nashville and Chicago, speaking at a different SQL Server user group meeting each day. The full itinerary is below. If you’re on the route, I hope to see you at the user group meetings!

I’ll be giving away some custom t-shirts (take a look at the design below) and getting the SQL Server family pumped up during the otherwise slower months of summer. In addition, we’re doing a social media contest to encourage everyone in the #SQLFamily to tweet and post about their own #SQLVacation, with prize drawings and, at the end of summer, a grand prize drawing.

I hope you’ll take part in the social media fun. You can read all of the details about the contest, rules for participation, and such at http://sqlsentry.com/sqlvacation. If we get a lot of community participation, we’ll do it again next year to a whole different set of cities!

sqlvacation t-shirt 02

• 15-Jun-2015, Louisville KY, Lunch session
• 16-Jun-2015, Indianapolis IN, Dinner session
• 17-Jun-2015, Chicago Suburbs IL, Dinner session
• 18-Jun-2015, Chicago IL, Dinner session (Limited seating. Be sure to REGISTER).
• 22-Jun-2015, Springfield IL, Dinner session
• 23-Jun-2015, St Louis MO, Lunch session
• 24-Jun-2015, Evansville IN, Lunch session
• 26-Jun-2015, Nashville TN, Lunch session

I hope to see you there! Best regards,


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  1. Woo-hoo! I’ll be looking for you on your Nashville stop.

    I like the National Lampoon’s Vacation theme, be sure to stop by and see Cousin Eddie while you’re on the road! As a side note, I saw a preview last week of the new Vacation movie due out later this year. Rusty is taking his family to Wally World. Chevy Chase seems to be in it, at least from one of the scenes in the preview. Might be worth seeing.

  2. Thanks for the good word, Eric! I look forward to seeing you. 🙂 -Kevin

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