New Releases in the Toad Family of Tools

Toad Extension for Visual Studio 1.2 is now live. You can access it HERE.

Key new features in Toad Extension for Visual Studio v1.2:

  • Deployment Scripts: the pre- and post-deployment scripts of TFS are now supported.
  • XML Columns: supports tables with XML data type columns.
  • Nested Tables: supports tables with up to two levels of nested table type columns.
  • Synonyms: synonyms can now be imported into your DB project
  • Source Navigation: You can now use F12 navigation to find the definition of items in the code editor.
  • Stored Procedures: generate Oracle stored procedures that use insert, update, or delete statements.


Toad for Data Analysts 3.0 us now in free beta. You can access it HERE or at

Discover, query, and analyze data across any data source without being a SQL expert.  Toad for Data Analysts (TDA) is a data discovery tool designed for data management professionals and analysts who need to access a wide variety of traditional, non-traditional, and emerging data sources to visually run queries, federate and analyze data, and create reports to support analytics and business intelligence.  With Toad for Data Analysts 3.0, you can:

  • Easily discover data across disparate data sources including leading RDBMS platforms, all ODBC enabled sources, and Netezza, Teradata, Excel, Hadoop and NoSQL
  • Harness the power of SQL to visually create complex queries, visually analyze data, and create reports for self-service business intelligence and analytics without being a  SQL expert
  • Work offline or on-the-go with Toad’s embedded database where you can integrate and cleanse data right from your desktop
  • Dramatically increase productivity by automating reporting and sharing of information and reports


It’s old news, but two other products in the Toad family have seen a recent refresh:

Benchmark Factory for Databases v6.5 You can access it HERE.

The highlight of this release is wizard-driven workload capture and replay for Oracle, enabling users to accurately anticipate and measure the performance impact of database changes such as patches and upgrades, OS migrations and more. Benchmark Factory is a very flexible, simple database scalability testing tool and, if you’re an Oracle user, also less expensive than Oracle Real Application Testing.  If you’re like me and want shortcuts, watch THIS VIDEO to see what the tool can do without the need to download, install, and tinker with it.
Quest Code Tester for Oracle v2.0 available HERE.  I wish we had this for the other database platforms!

The highlight of this release is the new Test Explorer console that replaces the Test Dashboard. The Test Explorer offers a simplified workflow and greater usability in creating and managing the entire code testing process.

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