Video: The Growing SQL Server World- Surviving the Data Avalanche

An expert roundtable discussion hosted by SQL Server Expert Kevin Kline and featuring speakers from Microsoft, EMC, Avanade, HP and Quest Software.
With the release of SQL Server 2005 and its focus on Business Intelligence, SQL Server professionals are faced with unprecedented amounts of data to manage. How are you dealing with the flood of data?

At the PASS Community Summit 2006, experts from Quest Software joined forces with a variety of other SQL Server industry experts for a panel discussion around the implications of managing large volumes of business critical data on SQL Server and recommendations for ensuring availability and performance in your environment.

Some areas explored:
– Storage strategies
– Issues around moving to Storage Area Networks (SAN)
– Performance on SAN
– BI growth and multi-terabyte data stores
– Server scale out and consolidation
– Real world implementation and management challenges

Posted April 10, 2007.

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