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About mid-way into August of 2015, I learned some important new factors in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that caused me to make some big changes to the way in which I blogged. Namely – simply reposting a slight variant of a given blog post could hurt your overall SEO rankings for any of the given posts. Now you might be saying to me “Kevin, those aren’t new factors. They’ve been around for a long time, you idgit”. And I would say in response “Ok then. But I had other things on my mind”. (Of course, if you have other recommendations for improving one’s blog performance, please drop me a comment).

Up until that time, I would typically write a blog post for my work blog and then repost with some variations at my personal blog and then at As it turns out, that’s not the ideal way to do things. Consequently, I continued to blog heavily throughout 2015 on my work blog, but I hadn’t figured a good way to keep my personal blog (which was intended to be a central location for everything I might be doing) and in the loop. Shame on me!

So I thought get a catch-up post in place before the end of January (Looks like I just barely made that goal), pointing out some of the better blog posts that didn’t make it here after my change in blogging strategy.



The Troubleshooting Series: Starting in September, I wrote a multi-part series on performance troubleshooting Microsoft SQL Server, culminating in a find blog entry with all of the links, plus a place for you to watch the video and download the slides and scripts. The multi-part blog series can be found HERE, while the slides, scripts and video link are HERE.

The Four Challenges of a Well-managed Plan Cache: The SQL Server plan cache is one of the most important architectural elements for DBAs to understand. However, Developers usually write the code. That means, in many IT shops, no one really pays attention to what happens in the SQL Server plan cache. This session helps both DBAs and Devs overcome the knowledge gap so that they can write optimized code and manage the plan cache effectively. Get the slide deck and sample scripts HERE!

How to Reduce Latency and Boost SQL Server Performance: This very popular webinar, sponsored by Tegile, we cover many of the basic principles of high-performance SQL Server I/O subsystems, as well as why and how we often prevent our own applications for achieving peak performance. The slides, scripts, and video are available HERE, while the very informative Q&A session is HERE.

Protecting Each Other: One of the most important aspects of our #SQLFamily is that we look out for each other. I talk about some of this in light of some very bad behavior at afterhours events during the week of the PASS Summit 2015. Read the blog post HERE.

Going forward, I’ll continue to put in blog stubs here to give you all of the latest details. In the meanwhile, be sure to connect with me on social media where I post all of my latest blog posts, articles, presentations, and other good stuff.



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