How To Download Free Sessions From PASS

For all members of the Professional Association for Server (PASS), are you downloading slides and videos from all sorts of great PASS events?  If not, what are you waiting for … an invitation?

Ok, here it is.  I invite you to download like a madman!  (How a madman downloads, an almost entirely virtual activity, is not the question here, ok?).

For starters, there’s the recent 24 Hours of PASS event.  I hope you were able to attend all of the sessions you wanted. But even if you didn’t get to see any, you can see them now as long as you’re a (free) member of PASS.  The session recordings are now available for streaming from the 24 Hours of PASS Archive website. Review your favorites or catch up on some of the sessions you missed, by gum!  Questions? Contact us at


Next on the list for downloads are the PASS Summit 2012 highlights.  The navigation is a little weird.  But all you have to do is simply click on the keynote that you’re interested in.  And may I recommend, as always, the excellent session from Dr. David Dewitt.  Again, you need to be a PASS member, but it’s free.  And I’d be remiss not to mention the SQLPASS YouTube Channel.


During and immediately after each PASS Summit, attendees are able to buy the event records for around $175.  That’s over 150 hours of training, over three weeks of training I say, for under $200!!! I hear that this year, instead of a massive DVD set, we’ll be getting a slim 32- or 64Gb thumbdrive.  Yeah!  But did you know you can also watch sessions from earlier years, free for members, at  That’s right, brothers and sisters, if you didn’t get to go to older events and didn’t buy the DVDs, you don’t have to bribe that scruffy mangy dog of a DBA to get your own look at the sessions.  And since SQL Server versions don’t change enormously from one year to the next, most of the content remains valuable and worthwhile for several years.  For example, most recommendations and sessions from the PASS Summit 2008 event are still valuable even if you’ve upgraded to SQL Server 2012.


Take Another Look at PASS Virtual Chapters

Don’t have a local PASS Chapter near you?  Want to learn from your desk? Or are you simply looking for more opportunities for free SQL Server training and learning every month with fellow IT pros from around the world? Virtual Chapters (VCs) are a great way to get involved in the PASS community from your own home or office.  Virtual chapters are targeted, online monthly webcasts from top-rated speakers with related subject matter from one month to the next, such as database design, performance, virtualization, etc.   Here’s how.  But wait – there’s more.  All of the VC sessions are also recorded and posted online for later viewing, usually within a month of the initial broadcast.




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  1. Nope, older recordings of PASS are not working (I tried 2008, for example, but I’m sure 2009 is in the same spot). Tried reaching out for some support, still waiting for an email

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