Anna Gets Baptised

Of all the things a Christian father wishes and strives to achieve for his children, a strong spiritual foundation is first and foremost. From that foundation, it seems like most every other good thing can flow. Anna appears in this video about 1/2 way through.Picnic, Baptism & Hail Storm of June 2011 from Friendship Community Church on Vimeo. … [Read more...]

Changing Thoughts on Tithing

I recently stumbled across a couple articles about tithing that got my mental gears turning. First, on Slate, I encountered this article in an advice column where a reader asked whether it was ok to suspend their tithing while they paid off a credit card. Then I further read about tithing on a more global and historical basis in an article on CBS Sunday.This whole discussion got me thinking about, despite the protest of our most conservative citizens, that our Christian history and ethos informs and colors so much of what the US government does. For example, governments have never paid to … [Read more...]

The Passing of a Good Friend

I've been in a real funk lately since my good friend, Ken Henderson, passed away unexpectedly two Sundays ago. It's taken me this long to get into a place where I feel like I can blog again.Ken was 40, a father with young kids, and a happy marriage. I don't know the exact cause of his death, but it was very much a surprise. Ken was a SQL Server expert and author like me and we often shared a beer at the various conferences every year, as well as emailed and talked often.If you read my blog with any regularity, you might've noticed a link on the lower left entitled The Antichristian … [Read more...]

Response: Did Jesus Exist?

OK - so here's a tough challenge that my friend, Infidelis Maximus, poses on his religion blog ( on October 7th in an entry titled "Why Errors in the Bible Matter": Prove that Jesus Christ exists.When you boil this challenge down to "proof" that might be acceptable in a modern US court room, you've got big problems. There's no direct evidence of Jesus of Galilee. All the evidence that we have of Jesus was created after the fact. The earliest known texts discussing Jesus, such as the Gospel of Thomas, were written no less than 15-20 years after the … [Read more...]