Halloween Hobos and Highnesses

No one would be surprised if your little daughters wanted to dress up as princesses for Halloween.  Here are our two little “Her Royal Highnesses”:

Honestly, I think Katie (above upper) and Ava (above lower) just wanted an excuse to put on tons of make-up and to do their hair.  Savannah kindly photo-bombed Ava in all of her glamours glory.  The older girls decided to go in the exact opposite direction of the glamour of pageant princess and settled on HOBOS.

Savannah (above top) is channeling more of the “unwashed hippy” vibe.  Kaylee and Rebecca (above middle) are making their panhandler signs.  Kaylee (above bottom) is bringin’ the hobo-chic.  All she needs now is a little unwashed funk to perfect her image.  I doubt that she got a lot of takers on her “free hugs” offer.

Typical for Anna (above), she was barely getting started on her Hitalia costume with the little hair flip when everyone else was practically finished.

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