These Are The Things You DON’T Say to Your Wife

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There’s no beating Jessica Hagy

Does it get any better than this, I ask?!? I must find a way to incorporate more of Jessica's excellent humor into my presentations! … [Read more...]

Do Too Many Bumper Stickers Make You Mad?

Have you ever seen a car who's tail end was covered in 50 different bumper stickers? That's just totally excessive. And on top of that, what person following the car in question could read all or even a portion of that? Of course, anyone with 50 bumper stickers on their car IS sending a message: 1) that they think they're cooler than you, and 2) that they have ADHD and can't concentrate on anything. One bumper sticker is about all I can tolerate on a regular, non-insane person's car. Two, one on each side of the license plate, is unpalatable but ok too. More than that, and you're just asking … [Read more...]

It’s the Economy Stupid

Sometimes all a prophet has to do is speak truth to power. The Old Testament showed examples of that over and over again. Most of the minor propehts of the Old Testament simply spoke out against the people in power who thought they were righteous while oppressing the poor. For some reason, this Daily Show video had me laughing and thinking about the Old Testament: Once again, this show really has stolen the initiative from real media outlets. Why doesn't real media do something, anything, … [Read more...]

My Favorite New Blogger… Jessica Hagy. She's totally awesome - very smart and funny. Her blog is composed entirely of drawings on 5x7 index cards, usually ven diagrams such as the previous or the following one:Or this one: Blogroll her today!-Kev … [Read more...]

Fear of…

The funny thing is, I think I know people with some of these:Portarideluomophobia fear of people wearing costumesPygmaliadevengalavidadiabolicaphobia fear of being attacked by mannequinsAngoraphobia fear of itchy sweatersQuisappositusphobia fear of distant objects coming closerSophismataphobia fear of falsehoodsStockabbildungophobia fear of drawings of stick figuresTerminolectolibriphobia fear of reading the last page of a bookAtrichophobia fear of bald people and, or fear of going baldJanephobia fear of killing animals accidentally when drivingDipatiphobia fear of stepping on cracks in the … [Read more...]

A New Movie Starring Me and the Kids…

Here's a gory action/adventure preview of my new movie!-Kev … [Read more...]

Day of the Ninja – 12/5/2007

The official Day of the Ninja is coming up on 12/5/2007 and to celebrate, you should make sure you're getting the RDA of ninja at's a good one: … [Read more...]

Skippy the Bush Kangaroo

So, it was my last night in Australia and my friends Vanessa Barcellona and Ceci Weiss were enjoying some conversation and good Australian wine. Maybe it was because of the wine, but we (Ceci and I are Americans) laughed our tails off at Vanessa's description of the Australian version of Lassie - Skippy the Bush Kangaroo. Well, she went and dug up the intro for the 70's TV show for your benefit: … [Read more...]

An old favorite

I saw this eons ago and forgot all about it until my musician friends, Kevin and Lara Lay, forwarded this to me. It's called "All the Great Operas in 10 Minutes" and it's quite funny, especially if you don't like opera that much. I'd long been a fan of classical music (of all sorts from medieval music, madrigals, and most all periods of classical music except for the 20th century atonal works). Anyway, I made several attempts to try to like opera and always failed. I hate it - still do. So if you're in the same boat as me, you'll get a kick out of this … [Read more...]